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    22 Things Every Young Enterprise Company Did

    Come on, Team Synergy!

    1. Not being allowed to start a company with your friendship group and ending up with people you didn't really know.

    2. Knowing that voting for a managing director was basically just a popularity contest.

    Universal Pictures

    Which inevitably meant that the one person who did business studies took it really personally when they weren't picked.

    3. Arguing over who would be the company's secretary and have to take the minutes every meeting.

    4. Spending waaaay too long coming up with a logo.

    Our logo is coming! #mace15 #youngenterprise #team #parachutes

    It was the operations director's main job, and it felt incredibly important.

    5. Settling on an Apprentice-style company name like Aptitude, or Dynamic, or Liberty.

    6. Coming up with unreasonably ambitious plans for your company in your first meeting.

    7. Knowing that half of your company are really into Young Enterprise, but the other half are only doing it because they don't have anything else to put on their UCAS form.

    8. Setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your company.

    9. Bribing younger pupils to buy 50p shares, which you had no intention of ever paying back, with cake or sweets.

    10. Then promptly forgetting that you ever signed up to Young Enterprise until your "business adviser" reminded you that it is a very. serious. business.

    11. Googling the most random things you could think of in the hope of finding something that ~might~ sell.

    never did I think i'd be typing 'buying microwavable socks in bulk' into google #youngenterpriseproblems

    12. Setting up a stall of random stuff you bought cheaply on Amazon and altered slightly, then persuading younger pupils to spend their lunch money on it.

    13. Traipsing around town during lunch to ask local businesses for prizes for your upcoming raffle.

    14. Gluing and sticking things together the night before your first trade fair.

    15. Filling out your balance sheets at the end of term and realising you'd made something like a £20 profit.

    16. Cramming yourselves and all your stock into your business adviser's car in time for the regional finals.

    17. Setting up a makeshift stall with a lot of posters and faff to distract from the fact that you never really decided on a product.

    Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

    You made your stall look pretty though.

    18. Developing an intense and entirely unfounded rivalry with another local school.

    19. Giving an awkward PowerPoint presentation, featuring chunks of text flying on to the screen from different directions.

    West Bridgford School is represented by Ozone @youngenterprise #yenotts

    20. Being beaten by some idiots who just sold customised T-shirts.

    21. Not winning Company of the Year but getting a sympathy prize, like the Health & Safety Award, instead.

    22. And finally: Posing for a slightly awkward photo that might have made the local press, but probably just ended up in your school newsletter.

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