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21 Things That Happened At Every Teenage Sleepover


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1. If someone owned one of those crazy braid things, you'd spend a good hour giving each other twisty plaits.

And if not, you'd just braid each other's hair until you got bored.

2. You'd definitely search through everything in your friend's parents' and siblings' rooms.

You were after her mum's make up and her sibling's diaries.

3. You'd turn on The Hits on channel 18 and recreate your favourite band's dance routines.

And you'd probably pose for some album covers too.

4. If you had a dance mat, you'd have a dance off.

Which you'd take incredibly seriously.


6. As the night went on, you'd play Truth or Dare.

And you'd secretly hope everyone would pick Truth, so you could find out who everyone fancied.

7. Once you'd all revealed your crushes, you'd prank call them.

Using good old 141.


10. If your mum wasn't using the house phone, you'd log onto MSN and chat to boys you hardly knew.

"wuu2?" "nm, u?"

12. You'd eat far too much pizza, Haribo, and Chewits.

And at some point someone would suggest you all play Chubby Bunny, even though none of you even really liked marshmallows.


13. You'd be encouraged to watch a film right before bedtime to calm you down. So obviously you opted for the scariest 18 you could find.

14. At some point, you'd rank everyone in your school year by how much you liked them.

Walt Disney

And you'd speculate over who'd already got their period, who had started wearing a bra, and who really needed to start wearing deodorant.

15. Someone would have bought this week's copy of Mizz, Shout, or Bliss, and you'd go to the Cringe! pages immediately.


16. Then you'd make important life plans based on the flowcharts in the magazine.

And you'd take it in turns to read your horoscopes aloud.


18. Eventually you'd all put on £2 face masks, change into Groovy Chick pyjamas, and settle down to read each other's diaries.

With any luck, you'd come across something you weren't supposed to know and you'd gossip about it for weeks.

19. Just before bedtime, you'd scare each other by turning the lights off and telling horror stories.

"Have you heard the one about the dead dog and the bathroom mirror?"

21. But the rest of you would stay up until at least 1am, freezing and shutting up every time you heard movement elsewhere in the house.

And you'd spend the whole next day assuring your mum that you definitely did get enough sleep and you definitely weren't being grumpy omg.