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19 Things That Happen When You Date A Scientist


1. You never understand what they do all day at work.

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2. But you strongly suspect it's just playing with this stuff.

That's liquid nitrogen, BTW.

3. Which blows your mind every time you visit their lab.

4. They've got some pretty cool chat-up lines.

Jiri Hera /

5. And lot of ~opinions~ about this show.

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6. They teach you something new practically every day.

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7. Even though it's difficult to teach them stuff back.

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8. Because they already know everything.

9. Which means they're good at pub quizzes.

10. And very good at double-checking.

11. But bad at watching factually inaccurate films.

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12. And very bad at concealing their disappointment when you say something superstitious.

13. Because they spend all day mixing chemicals, they're really good cooks.

14. And because some of those chemicals smell, they don't get grossed out easily.

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Which comes in very handy when, say, you need your shower drain unblocking.

15. Dating a scientist means being with someone who is endlessly interesting and endlessly interested.

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16. It means being with someone who literally never forgets.

Yep. Because they're so used to memorising things, they'll even remember the really dumb stuff you say.

17. But it also means being with someone who will embrace your inner nerd.

18. So even when their experiments overrun and they're late for dinner...

19. ... it's worth it. Because you love them.

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