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    26 Things That Happen When Old Friends Are Reunited

    "OMG you're so beautiful and so successful and so grown up and wahhhhhhh."

    1. When you first meet, you get over-excited and hug each other a bit too tightly.

    It kinda hurts but you don't care because omggggggggg it's been sooooooo longgggggggg.

    2. Your very tight hug is followed by each of you telling the other that you look gorgeous.

    And you get really overwhelmed by the fact that your friend literally gets more stunning every time you see them.

    3. Then you each deliver a 15 minute monologue updating each other on what you've missed.

    And every anecdote ends "OMG I can't believe I didn't tell you that, we have sooooooo much to catch up on."

    4. At some point, the waiter will come over to take your order and it'll be a bit cringe because you haven't looked at the menu yet.

    "Sorry, we got distracted by how much we love each other."

    5. Of course, you always meet in the same place.

    CW /

    It's not that nice, and it's not that convenient for either of you, but who cares? It's your place.

    6. You both speak 950 times faster than normal human beings.

    You just have too much information to exchange.

    7. Eventually you start reminiscing over things that happened years ago.

    Warner Bros. /

    "Like in English. When she actually fell off her chair. Pahahhahahahahhaha."

    8. You exchange gossip about all your old teachers.

    Paramount Pictures /

    "So apparently she's dating a much younger guy now." "Noooooo!"

    9. And wonder what all your old classmates are doing with their lives.

    Disney /

    "Lucy's outrageously successful now. But I always knew she would be."

    10. You each list everything you know/heard/suspect about all the people you used to know.

    It's important to note that you're far more interested in salacious gossip than actual facts.

    11. At this point, one of you will get your phone out for a Facebook stalk.

    Disney /

    "Can you believe she's got a hot boyfriend now?"

    12. Some of your classmates will have inevitably got married in the time you've been apart.

    So you stalk all of their wedding photos together, making note of who was invited.

    13. And some of them will probably have had children, which will make you squeal.

    CW /

    And feel very, very old.

    14. Of course, it won't be long before the inevitable question is posed: who'll be next?

    Warner Bros. /

    "Charlotte. She's always wanted to be a mum." "No, Sarah. She's a sneaky one."

    15. You start talking about what your high school S.O.s are up to now.

    Disney /

    And if one of them broke your 16-year-old heart, you have a good old bitch.

    16. You ask after each others parents.

    E4 /

    And give each other quick synopses on every single one of your family members.

    17. And if you're staying at home, you have a little moan about your families.

    Your friend knows your family and totally gets it.

    18. At some point, your chat will get ~deep~ and you wonder how you got to be so old.

    E4 /

    "School seems like yesterday. YESTERDAY."

    19. But then you look at how far you've each come and actually swell with pride.

    "I always knew we'd get where we wanted. I mean, we've always been very talented."

    20. You make plans for when you're rich and famous.

    Paramoutn Pictures /

    "Yeah, our first autobiography will be a joint one, and then we'll go our own ways."

    21. Conversation will eventually move onto love.

    It's been a while, and you've both revised your opinions.

    22. If one of you has a new S.O., you'll need to provide detailed descriptions of every single one of your relationship milestones.

    Nickelodeon /

    Preferably with photographs to illustrate the points you're making.

    23. Not that it's really necessary because you've both stalked the hell out of each other's love interests.

    Warner Bros. /

    "He's got two brothers, right? Both are hot?"

    24. You laugh until your cheeks actually go numb.

    Warner Bros. /

    And there's basically no one else in the world who'd even understand why you're laughing.

    25. And it won't be long until you're finishing each other's sentences.

    Which is mostly because you speak exclusively in private jokes.

    26. And before you part ways, you promise never to leave it so long again.

    MTV /

    And you walk away feeling all warm inside because nothing had changed at all <3.

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