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    23 Things That Inevitably Happen On Every Twentysomething Summer Holiday

    You have 9,347 new WhatsApp notifications.

    1. You'll organise your holiday via an unreasonably active WhatsApp group.

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    And there'll inevitably be one friend who loves planning non-holiday things in a group created specifically for planning a holiday.

    2. One person will book everyone's flights, one person will book the Airbnb, and one person will hire a car. And then you'll all get confused about who owes who what.


    Or one person will end up paying for everything "because it's easier" and it'll take forever for everyone else to pay them back.

    3. The night before your trip, all the women will coordinate their packing so only one of you has to take a hairdryer.

    And someone will send a panicked "Omg I forgot a towel, will there be towels?" WhatApp to the group.

    4. Because you probably booked a cheap 6am flight, getting to the airport will be a massive faff.


    The rich friends will get an Uber, but the poor friends might have to get the dreaded Easybus.

    5. You'll have a strict airport routine: Boots, followed by WH Smiths, followed by Duty Free.

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    Boots for the mini deodorant and dry shampoo, WH Smiths for the trashy magazines, and Duty Free for the booze.

    6. And then you'll all gather in Spoon's for a massive breakfast and your first drink of the holiday.

    7. If you've somehow managed to find a cheapish non-budget flight, you'll abuse the free drinks trolly to the best of your ability.

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    Even if your flight only lasts an hour, you can still get a couple of G&Ts in.

    8. When you finally get to the place you're staying, you'll immediately bagsy beds and then open the prosecco.

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    You'll already be tipsy by this point, so you might as well continue.

    9. But you won't want to waste the day in your room. So you'll quickly venture out into the local town.

    10. The mum of your friend group will reveal that she has planned a daily itinerary based on the guidebook she bought two months ago.

    11. You'll try to do a mixture of cultural things, like visiting art galleries, and fun things, like eating loads of food.

    12. But tbh it will mostly be about the food.

    13. At some point you'll venture into the local supermarket and stock up on weird packaged foods you've never heard of.

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    Tbf this is the best bit of being abroad.

    14. You'll go on at least one incredibly messy night out.


    The next morning you'll try the local hangover cure and vow never to speak of it again.

    15. Which may result in a trip to the hospital.

    16. At some point, someone in your group will get with someone inappropriate.

    To sum up our girls holiday in one photo........

    It might even be another member of your group.

    17. If you've hired a rental car, you'll bicker about who gets to sit in the front and who has to take the gross back seat.

    18. And if you're using public transport, you'll have at least one unfeasible long bus or train journey planned.

    19. Either way, you'll play a lot of car games to pass the time.


    You'll rank everyone you've ever met out of 10.

    20. If you're on a beach holiday, you'll inevitably go skinny dipping.

    21. And you'll eat ice cream and waffles every day.

    22. One day, you will go on a walk that is supposed to last one hour but actually lasts three.

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    You'll argue about it at the time, but then you'll get drunk and forget about it.

    23. And the moment you get home, you'll start planning your next trip away together.

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