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31 Things That Always Got '00s Girls In Trouble

"Did you leave your ghds plugged in again?"

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7. When you put highlighter pen on your fingernails because you weren't allowed to wear nail varnish to school.

"You're not allowed nail varnish for a reason. What makes you think sticky highlighter pens are any different?" — your teacher.


9. When you erased fountain pen from your work, but you pressed a bit too hard so your page went a bit fuzzy.

"Just learn how to spell, then you won't need to erase anything, will you?" — your teacher.


14. When you ironed your hair because it was quicker than waiting for your straighteners to heat up.

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"But you have such lovely hair when you leave it alone. Why would you want to ruin it?" — your mum.

17. When you got heat spray all over your mirror.

"I JUST cleaned that. And I don't know why you insist on straightening your hair anyway. It looks so nice when you JUST LEAVE IT," — your mum.


19. When you used a Tipp-Ex mouse to replace normal words with rude words in school text books.


24. When you asked to get your tongue pierced, because the girls in Thirteen had it and they were the coolest girls in the world.

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"Don't come to me when you've decided you regret it and ask why I never told you not to do it BECAUSE I AM TELLING YOU THAT RIGHT NOW," — your mum.

28. When you finished the new Harry Potter book before your younger siblings and told them what happened in it.

29. When you pretended to be stupider than you were because you wanted to be like Paris and Nicole.

"Don't be ridiculous. You're a clever girl," — your dad. "It's never cool to play dumb."

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