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21 Things All Sisters With A Three-Year Age Gap Know

"You're not the boss of me."

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1. When you were children, your mum dressed you in matching outfits.

But because there are three whole years between you, your matching phase lasted until the older sis was waaaaaaay too old.


5. And if you're the big sister, it was really annoying when your friends called your little sister "cute".


8. You used to fight about copying each other.

And you both used to deny you did it, even though you obviously did.


10. But when the older sis left home, the younger sister learnt to drive and became de facto taxi driver during family holidays.


12. Having three years between you made the older sister prime babysitting material.

Which meant babysitting nights were mostly about scoffing cookie dough.


15. It also meant you could make your sister proof-read your coursework, UCAS form, and CV.

And because she's so close to you in age, she'd done her own recently enough to be helpful.


18. And in return, your little sister kept you updated on all the school gossip long after you'd left.

Which got juicier every year.

19. You swear your sister got away with more than you did at her age.

But that's OK.