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26 Things All Female Friends Do But Don't Talk About

We pee together all the time.

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2. But also pee in the same room when you're at each other houses.


If you're getting ready for a night out in the bathroom and one of you suddenly needs the loo, there's no point in the other one going outside.


6. Fail to engage in actual conversation because one of you needs to rant about something.

does it count as friendship if instead of both of us taking turns talking about our lives, i just scream for a while & you listen

A true friend will tolerate you ranting for 45 minutes without asking how they are.

7. Lie beside each other, on the floor, with your trouser zip undone because you've eaten so much food.

8. Keep each other company while the other one gets changed.

It's nice to chat and get ready at the same time.


9. Compose romantic, and sometimes even sexy, texts on behalf of each other.

A true friend will help you articulate exactly how you felt about last night.


15. Text each other when your period starts for no reason other than getting a bit of sympathy.

16. Text each other when someone upsets you and expect to receive a list of their bad qualities in return.

Liking the same stuff is one thing. But hating the same things? True friendship.

You: "Kate has been really mean to me at work." Your BFF: "Maybe she's just upset because she doesn't have a chin."

17. Routinely stalk everyone you have ever snogged on social media for no reason other than curiosity.

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It's nice to know what that guy from the smoking area in Freshers' Week is up to now.

18. Sneak off for strategic mid-night out chips when you start feeling a bit too drunk.

A mid-night out secret meal is nothing to be ashamed of.


19. Clean up each other's sick, take off each other's make up, and put each other to bed when you've drunk too much.

20. Describe the vibe of someone you've just met, and know that your best friend will understand exactly what you mean.

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Every person fits into a type, and you guys can describe every type in less than five words.

22. Have each other's backs when the people you're dating turn out to be the actual worst.

If you are dating one of my girls just know that your arguments are displayed in our group chat and as a team we have written the response

You can go from loving your friend's S.O. to hating them, their family, and their entire lineage within a minute.

23. Make a special type of eye contact whenever a man says something that only a man would say.

This look isn't even just reserved for your female friends; it is reserved for every woman you know.

25. Love each other unconditionally, but love each other approximately one million times more when drunk.

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Girl BFFs are at their best when they're drunk complimenting each other.

26. Give each other literally everything that you could ever ask for or need.

When your BFF needs something, you are 100% available to provide it.

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