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    Jan 12, 2015

    47 Things That Made Girls Worry When They Were Growing Up

    1. Getting your period. 2. Not getting your period.


    1. Being the first girl to get your period.

    2. Getting your period on a swimming day.

    3. Getting your period at someone else's sleepover.

    4. Casually putting tampons on the family shopping list and praying that no one queried it.

    5. Wearing the same clothes as someone else on a non-uniform day.

    6. Wearing the same clothes you wore last non-uniform day on this non-uniform day.

    7. Never growing boobs.

    8. Eventually growing boobs and having to go bra shopping with your mum.

    9. Being seen bra shopping with your mum.

    10. Getting changed for P.E. the first time you wore a bra.

    11. Boys seeing your bra straps.

    12. Boys in general.

    13. Calling your teacher "mum".

    14. Talking to a male teacher about something that wasn't homework and everyone thinking you fancied them.

    15. Accidentally sitting at the desks at the front of the classroom.

    16. Accidentally sitting at the front of the school bus.

    17. Having no one to sit by on the bus.

    18. Getting called on to talk about your homework when you hadn't done it.

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    19. Getting food stuck in your braces.

    20. Being asked to read aloud in class after you'd just got your braces tightened.

    21. Accidentally leaving your retainer on your lunch tray.

    22. Never being able to kiss anyone because you had those weird elastic bands at the back of your mouth.

    23. Being a bad kisser.

    24. Whether everyone else was kissing already.

    25. Your mum finding and reading your diary.

    26. Making small talk when your friend's mum answered the phone.

    27. Your mum picking up the phone in another room and listening to your conversation.

    28. Not being invited to someone's party.

    29. No one turning up at your party.

    30. Having a cool Hotmail address.

    31. Not knowing where to sit at lunch.

    32. Not knowing where to sit before the register was taken in the morning, especially if you'd fallen out with your group.

    33. Your group plotting to ditch you behind your back.

    34. Being asked to dance at the school disco.

    35. Wearing enough makeup for all the potential boys you could impress to notice you, but not enough for your mum to get cross.

    36. Having your eyes closed in your school photo.

    37. Being chosen last in P.E.

    38. Raising your hand and having people see your armpit hair.

    39. Your mum noticing that you borrowed her razor to shave your legs.

    40. Your mum noticing that you borrowed her tweezers to pluck your eyebrows.

    41. The cool girls asking you a question and you not knowing the answer.

    42. Having to do anything in front of your crush that could potentially embarrass you.

    43. Buying your first thong and praying your mum didn't ask about it when she did the laundry.

    44. Wearing a fancy dress outfit that was cool but also funny but mostly cool.

    45. Having to miss a social event and subsequently all the salacious gossip that would no doubt unfold.

    46. Your friends having a sleepover without you and telling each other your secrets.

    47. But most of all, having a cool ringtone.

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