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    23 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Girl With Too Many Feelings

    If anyone could read your meanest thoughts, you'd have literally zero friends.

    1. You're incapable of winning an argument because you always start crying before you're able to make your point.

    2. And you always come across as more aggressive than you mean to because you can't help but shout.

    3. Whenever you shout or cry, you get incredibly snotty.

    4. If you ever see someone looking remotely sad, you immediately start crying.

    5. Which is really awkward if you're the person who made them sad in the first place.

    6. Whenever you get told off at work, your eyes immediately start stinging.

    I just walked in on two coworkers crying in a conference room and I was like, "mind if I join?"

    Even if the telling off is minor, you have to stop yourself blinking until you get to the toilet.

    7. And if someone says something remotely critical to you, you start having the meanest possible thoughts about them.

    8. You probably have one person, like a mum or a BFF or a S.O., who you voice all your meanest thoughts to.

    9. And sometimes you make really rash decisions that you'll regret a day later.

    10. When you're in a fight and you're the person in the right, you always mess it up by taking it too far.

    11. And you absolutely love making a customer complaint.

    12. Your worst trait is how easily you resort to a frustrated cry.

    13. But your best trait is how easily you feel other people's joy.

    14. That said, you find it really difficult to keep good news a secret.

    15. If you're crying, anyone else asking if you're OK sets you off ten times worse than before.

    16. And someone giving you a hug pretty much ensures you'll be crying for the next three hours straight.

    17. You are the world's most emotional drunk.

    18. And hungover you is a whole new level of emotional.

    19. You're well accustomed to trying to conceal a public transport cry.

    Out of embarrassment, I just told a train passenger I'm crying cos my bf dumped me. Real reason is I'm listening to the Lion King soundtrack

    And you never leave the house without tissues.

    20. You may have even considered tracking the amount you cry to see if it's normal.

    21. You form really intense friendships really quickly.

    22. And you fall for people you're dating almost inappropriately fast.

    23. But tbh, you wouldn't have it any other way.