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    25 Things Everyone Will Remember About Growing Up In North Wales

    Chips with curry sauce and bara brith forever.

    1. Watching a male voice choir perform at every formal event you attended.

    Twitter: @HayleyGillard1

    And although they've bored you to tears before now, you'll almost definitly end up having one perform at your wedding.

    2. Getting served for the first time at a nightclub in a village.

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    Like The Tiv in Buckley.

    3. Getting chips and curry sauce on the way home from every night out.

    Twitter: @SusannaBavin

    And never understanding why English people eat fried chicken when they're drunk.

    4. Knowing that there's only one way to eat curry.

    Twitter: @nellybellexox

    Curry half-and-half is the best meal.

    5. All of your friends having the exact same name.

    #growingupwelsh most of your friends are called David so they all get nicknames, big Dave, red car Dave, work David, bro David, Dave-Dave..

    6. Getting really good at hazard perception because you learnt to drive on country roads.

    Twitter: @lady_becs

    You basically never drove at more than 30mph because you knew there was always a sheep or a horse right around the corner.

    7. And then getting cheap car insurance because Pass Plus was free in Wales.

    Twitter: @RoadSafetyWales

    And now you know how to change a car tyre.

    8. All of your letters from Student Finance Wales being sent to you in both Welsh and English.

    Twitter: @DionRowles

    It was an astonishing waste of paper.

    9. Finding nothing more comforting that going to your nan's for a Welsh cake.

    Twitter: @legslonglength

    They're like little hugs for your belly.

    10. Going on school trips to Conwy and Chirk Castles.

    And being amazed at how beautiful they both are if you've ever revisited them as an adult.

    11. Being really surprised when you left Wales and found out that other people pay for their prescriptions.

    Paying for prescriptions is horrible. Wales have got one thing right with their free prescription service.

    12. Spending sunny weekends at Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, and Angelsey.

    And trying to convince your parents that it was warm enough to go swimming.

    13. All cultural events happening in Cardiff and no where else in Wales.

    #GrowingUpWelsh having bands rarely come to your country and when they do its in Cardiff

    14. Going on at least one holiday to Portmeirion.

    Twitter: @airheadhell

    And trying to get into The Prisoner when you got home.

    15. Going for picnics in Erddig park whenever the weather was nice.

    16. Knowing exactly where your loyalties lie.

    #GrowingUpWelsh Supporting every other team in the six nations that are playing england

    17. Visiting Snowdonia in your half term holiday.

    Twitter: @johnbadham

    If only you'd appreciated how beautiful the scenery was.

    18. Being amazed that trains in England actually run on time occasionally.

    19. Getting a 16-18 bus pass and thinking it was the best thing in the world.

    Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

    Tbf, it saved you a load of money.

    20. Going to Theatr Clwyd for the Christmas pantomine every year.

    21. Wearing these exact earrings and this exact coat all year round.

    And thinking you looked incredibly stylish.

    22. Getting an iced bun from Gerrards whenever you went to town.

    They were a million times better than Gregg's or Pound Bakery.

    23. Growing up watching Fireman Sam.


    The bravest man on this planet.

    24. Getting bara brith with your tea whenever your mum had been to the farmer's market.

    Twitter: @julietgreenwood

    Spreading 1cm of butter on the top was perfectly reasonable.

    25. And thinking that Deeside Ice Rink on a Friday night would be the most romantic date venue ever.

    Twitter: @Ffyncwraig

    You still kind of think this, if you're honest.

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