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25 Things Everyone Will Remember About Growing Up In North Wales

Chips with curry sauce and bara brith forever.

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5. All of your friends having the exact same name.

#growingupwelsh most of your friends are called David so they all get nicknames, big Dave, red car Dave, work David, bro David, Dave-Dave..


11. Being really surprised when you left Wales and found out that other people pay for their prescriptions.

Paying for prescriptions is horrible. Wales have got one thing right with their free prescription service.


13. All cultural events happening in Cardiff and no where else in Wales.

#GrowingUpWelsh having bands rarely come to your country and when they do its in Cardiff

15. Going for picnics in Erddig park whenever the weather was nice.

The best bit was being allowed to paddle in the stream.

16. Knowing exactly where your loyalties lie.

#GrowingUpWelsh Supporting every other team in the six nations that are playing england


18. Being amazed that trains in England actually run on time occasionally.

Instagram: @railways

Unlike Arriva Trains Wales.

20. Going to Theatr Clwyd for the Christmas pantomine every year.