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18 Things Everyone Who Went Clubbing In Chester In The '00s Knows

Rosies > Cruise.

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2. You could easily get into Rosies before you were 18, because provided you got there early (we're talking pre-9pm), you didn't get ID'd.

Universal Studios

But you obviously brought your mate's older sister's ID along with you just in case.

3. And thanks to the (horribly named) 3-in-a-bed deal, getting a drink at both The Red Lion and Lakota first guaranteed you free entry.

The Red Lion was an old man pub with more quiz machines than staff, and Lakota exclusively served fruity cocktails.

4. You have taken part in at least one regrettable pole-based photoshoot at Rosies.

Thank god for the first floor pole.


7. You've also fallen down the incredibly steep staircase that Rosies is built around on multiple occasions.

For no obvious reason, Rosies is built over three floors and the staircase that connects them all is about eight times as steep as your average staircase.

8. But hands down the best thing about Rosies is the hot dog stand in the middle of it's second floor dance floor.

Welp, my rosies hot dog didn't look to good this morning in the toilet #memorialday

Scrap getting drunk food after you've been clubbing; Rosies let you dance with a greasy hotdog covered in fried onions in your hand


9. If you were a very classy teenager, you may have preferred Cruise.

When Cruise opened, there was a clear split between Rosies loyalists and Cruise traitors.

10. Where you will have taken part in at least one regrettable cage-based photoshoot.

It was a rite of passage.

11. The best part of Cruise is the light up dance floor in the Manhattan themed room of the club.

It's legit fun to dance on because it lights up.

12. And the worst part is the entirely white painted Swedish-themed room.

Twitter: @CruiseChester

Cruise's rooms are themed by place (Manhattan, Sweden, Moscow, the UK, Bangkok, and Puerto Banus, obviously). But the Swedish room is 100% white paint so it looks like a hospital with a DJ booth in it.


13. Every time you went to Cruise, you saw one table of 30-something men who had booked out a table and were drinking club champagne with a plastic cork...

15. The best place to pre-drink in Chester was Revs.

Where, on a Saturday night, if you predicted the barman's coin toss, he'd double your order for free.