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    Updated on Aug 19, 2018. Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    19 Things All '00s Girls Who Grew Up On Rom Coms Will Relate To

    Hilary Duff is your idol and you'd like to marry Chad Michael Murray.

    1. Even though everyone else your age grew up wanting to go to Hogwarts, you grew up wanting to rule Genovia.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    And to this day, you can't imagine anything more fun than having princess lessons. Especially the makeover part.

    2. And you've rehearsed your coronation speech multiple times.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    You've also rehearsed speeches for when you're a top lawyer and you pass a new animal rights act, for when your ex-husband and one of your twin daughters fly across the world on a Concorde to get you back, and for when you go forward in time to when you're 30 and need to win back your teenage sweetheart.

    3. Talking of speeches, you've also rehearsed your Oscars speech, on the off-chance that your life won't turn into a rom-com but you might star in one.

    People's Choice Awards / CBS

    A good time for practising this speech is when you're alone in your car.

    4. Even though you know you're too old now, you can't help but fancy the teenage versions of your favourite rom-com actors.


    You're not really into present-day Chad Michael Murray, but you wouldn't say no to him as an 18-year-old.

    5. You've read all the book versions of your favourite films, and you have strong opinions on which are better.

    Delacorte Press

    And you will fight anyone who disagrees with you.

    6. You've seen the musical versions of your favourite films too, and you also have strong opinions on those.

    Nell Benjamin / Laurence O'Keefe / The Savoy Theatre

    For the record, Once was the best thing in the world, Legally Blonde was 💯, and Ghost was only OK.

    7. You regularly categorise your friendship group into movie friendship groups.

    Alcon Entertainment

    You know exactly who the Tibby, Carmen, Bridget, and Lena of your friendship group are. (You're not Lena).

    8. And you think of ex-, current, and future partners as their rom-com equivalents.


    The reason it didn't work out with your ex was because they were a total Daniel Cleaver. It all makes perfect sense.

    9. You've considered exceptionally dull careers because J.Lo made them look so fun.

    Revolution Studios

    You've thought about becoming a full-time temp, a hotel maid, a dog walker, a wedding planner, and a yoga instructor, all because J.Lo made them look cool.

    10. And talking of setting unrealistic expectations, you're very disappointed when doing boring tasks like going to Ikea isn't as fun as it looks in films.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Jumping on the beds is definitely frowned upon.

    11. You know exactly which movie will cheer you up when you've had a crappy day at work.

    12. You also have set movies you like to watch when you're on a plane, at your parents' house for Christmas, and home sick from work.

    13. And if things get really bad, you have a set order of movies that you watch in a row.

    Cinema Vehicle Services

    The Parent Trap, It Takes Two, and then The Parent Trap again. FOR EXAMPLE.

    14. As a teenager, you based your look on Hilary Duff.


    No one was better dressed in the '00s.

    15. You regularly debate questions like "Can you fall in love at first sight?", "Is friends with benefits ever a good idea?", and "Is it possible to witness a miracle?"

    Screen Gems

    Even though you know the answer is simply, "It depends."

    16. You find yourself quoting rom-coms IRL and in birthday cards all the time.

    17. Even if you're not really into the idea of getting married, you've played out your perfect rom-com wedding in your head.

    Universal Pictures

    You know what your first dance would be, what your dress would look like, and where you'd like to be proposed to. You might even know which song you'd like to be playing as you exit the plane for your honeymoon.

    18. There are some random things that you think are really romantic, and you'd like someone to do for you, just because they happened in films.

    Revolution Studios

    Like building you a doll's house, writing you letters every day you're apart, and helping you be in two places at once.

    19. But most of all, you still worry for Lindsay Lohan.


    And you hope she's doing OK.

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