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19 Things You'll Remember If You Were A Student In 2010

"Don't Stop Believin'" was the last song of every night out.

1. By the time you got to uni, you were already Facebook friends with everyone in your halls.

Everyone added you before you got there, which made meeting people IRL for the first time kinda weird.

2. And as soon as you got there, you swapped BBM pins.

Twitter: @BlackBerryClubs

BlackBerries were ~the coolest thing~.

3. Spotify Premium was free back then, so everyone had it.

Twitter: @ukgrenaissance

And it was always on in the background when you were pre-drinking.

4. And you listened to bangers like "Pass Out", "I Gotta Feeling", and "Airplanes" while you pre-drank.

Twitter: @DYoung90

A soundtrack made up of Tinie Tempah, The Black Eyed Peas, and Hayley Williams was perfection.

5. Chatroulette was huge.

Twitter: @CanEyeLiv

Looking back, it was extremely creepy but back then it seemed like so much fun.

6. "Don't Stop Believin'" was the last song every club played at the end of a night out.

7. After every night out, you had to trawl through your friends' Facebook photo albums to untag any unflattering photos.


Your mum didn't need to see evidence of you stuffing cheesy chips into your face at 3am.

8. And you went through the photos uploaded by the nightclub to see if there were any ~OK~ ones of you too.


Are nightclub photographers still a thing??

9. Even though most of your professors let you submit your essays by email, you had one who insisted you printed it off and delivered it in person.

Blumhouse Productions

It was soooo annoying.

10. That said, pretty much all your lecture notes went up online.

Walt Disney

Which meant you didn't make it to any pre-11am lectures.

11. In a world before WhatsApp, all social events were organised via Facebook Message.

You ended up in so many long chats.

12. And, for some reason, the funniest prank in the world was updating your friend's Facebook status if they accidentally left their account logged in.

Twitter: @alexxpryorr

It was an endless source of fun.

13. When you weren't out, you spent most of your time binge-watching Take Me Out.


Tbh you still do this.

14. And eating Domino's pizza in bed.

Twitter: @DavesInbox

You seemed to always have a 2-for-1 coupon.

15. You attended at least one foam party before you realised they were kinda gross.

Twitter: @TubbysSportsBar

Everyone lost their phone at a foam party in 2010.

16. And for some reason you always seemed to go out with fluorescent paint on your face.

Twitter: @9crimespike

Maybe this is still a thing too, idk??

17. "Overheard at Uni" Facebook pages were really big back in 2010.

BBC / Facebook: 57139448815 /

Being featured on one was the funniest thing ever.

18. And everyone posted their uni results as a Facebook status.


No offense but the worst people were the ones who wrote things like, "DISTINCTLY pleased with my result," "a FIRST CLASS day," etc.

19. And when you look back now, you genuinely miss being a student.

Warner Bros.

Living on the same corridor as all your friends was the best.