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    23 Things That Happen When Your Friends Start Getting Married

    Such an expensive time.

    1. One year, all of your friends will decide to get married.

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    You'll go from having the odd wedding here and there, to having five weddings on five consecutive weekends.

    2. And from then on, you'll spend all of your free time — not to mention your money — on weddings.

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    Buying a dress, giving the couple a gift, and physically getting to the wedding all costs.

    3. As soon as you see someone announce their engagement on social media, you'll immediately start wondering whether you'll be invited.

    4. But it'll never stop feeling weird that you're old enough to know people who are getting married.


    Saying, "Oh I'm off to a wedding this weekend," will always feel grown up.

    5. You'll find buying engagement and wedding cards really fun.

    6. At some point you'll decide on the maximum amount of money you're prepared to spend on wedding gifts.


    I have accepted that I will never spend more than £20 on a gift list, so if you invite me to your wedding I will probably buy you a single John Lewis towel.

    7. So you'll always find it awkward when couples ask for contributions to their honeymoon.


    "Enjoy a single bottle of house wine on me!"

    8. Going to weddings every weekend makes it almost impossible to plan a summer holiday.


    Unless one of the weddings is abroad. That way, you can extend the trip and turn it into a holiday.

    9. It also means you'll have to buy a whole bunch of new accessories.


    You've become a master of wearing the same dress with different jewelry so no one notices.

    10. By the time you've been to a few weddings, you'll know your wedding routine and how best to prepare for it.

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    You'll learn to wear waterproof mascara, pack tissues, and cram your bag full of make up for when you cry all yours off.

    11. And you'll have broken in one pair of heels that you know you can dance comfortably in.


    You'll wear them until they literally fall apart.

    12. Going to lots of weddings means you'll start ranking them in your own head.


    You know it's mean and judgmental but you can't help it.

    13. Even if you're not close to getting engaged yet, going to other people's weddings will make you think about how you'd do things on your big day.


    If your +1 is your S.O., you'll probably have a drunken conversation about it on the way home.

    14. And you'll start noticing the little touches that make weddings more fun.

    15. But you'll also make note of the things you wouldn't do.

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    Like, why don't women ever speak at weddings? And why do best men always talk about exes?

    16. You'll become an expert at locating the kitchen door that canapés and wedding cake come out of.

    *walks up to microphone during wedding reception* *taps on mic; everyone smiles* "Anyone that doesn't want their cake, pass it to me please"

    If you eat fewer than six canapés, you'll be disappointed in yourself.

    17. And you'll get really good at drinking the maximum amount of free booze.


    If it stops after the dinner, you line your stomach and drink quickly while you're not paying.

    18. You'll also develop a dinner table routine for when you don't know anyone there.

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    The key to navigating this situation is drinking a lot.

    19. And you'll learn to love the weddings that are basically just an excuse to catch up with old friends.

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    Reunion weddings are the best.

    20. However many weddings you go to, you'll never stop getting a bit misty eyed whenever you see the bride.

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    You'll learn how to conceal your snotty tears, though.

    21. And your heart will always explode during the couple's first dance.

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    Even if you don't know the couple, you'll imagine their lives together and have a lil' sob.

    22. Eventually you'll learn not to have hungover wedding regrets the next day.

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    I'm the kind of person who will always hug the father of the bride and tell them I was VERY TOUCHED INDEED by their speech and I'm OK with that.

    23. And even though weddings have taken over your life, you know you'd be perfectly happy going to a new one every weekend forever.

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    You'll never get bored of love. Or free booze.