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23 Things That Happen When Your Friends Start Getting Married

Such an expensive time.

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2. And from then on, you'll spend all of your free time — not to mention your money — on weddings.

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Buying a dress, giving the couple a gift, and physically getting to the wedding all costs.

3. As soon as you see someone announce their engagement on social media, you'll immediately start wondering whether you'll be invited.

You might even send them a card or give them a call if you really want to guarantee that invite.


5. You'll find buying engagement and wedding cards really fun.

And writing really mushy messages inside them is great fun too.

6. At some point you'll decide on the maximum amount of money you're prepared to spend on wedding gifts.


I have accepted that I will never spend more than £20 on a gift list, so if you invite me to your wedding I will probably buy you a single John Lewis towel.


10. By the time you've been to a few weddings, you'll know your wedding routine and how best to prepare for it.

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You'll learn to wear waterproof mascara, pack tissues, and cram your bag full of make up for when you cry all yours off.


13. Even if you're not close to getting engaged yet, going to other people's weddings will make you think about how you'd do things on your big day.


If your +1 is your S.O., you'll probably have a drunken conversation about it on the way home.

14. And you'll start noticing the little touches that make weddings more fun.

Like putting a basket of flip flops next to the dance floor, or ordering in pizzas at 11pm.

16. You'll become an expert at locating the kitchen door that canapés and wedding cake come out of.

*walks up to microphone during wedding reception* *taps on mic; everyone smiles* "Anyone that doesn't want their cake, pass it to me please"

If you eat fewer than six canapés, you'll be disappointed in yourself.


22. Eventually you'll learn not to have hungover wedding regrets the next day.

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I'm the kind of person who will always hug the father of the bride and tell them I was VERY TOUCHED INDEED by their speech and I'm OK with that.