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19 Things Everyone Who Is Obsessed With Hash Browns Understands

Hands down the best carb.

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1. You understand that hash browns are, without a doubt, the best part of any full English.

Twitter: @coretheatresol / BuzzFeed

You could live without the toast, you could live without the tomatoes, but you will never give up your hash browns.


8. And you know that anything less than five hash browns with your breakfast is frankly an insult to breakfasts.

Why would you do that to yourself?


9. You're not opposed to a fancy hash brown...

11. Because for you, hash browns are the ultimate comfort food.

Twitter: @_emmamcguigan

Hash browns and spaghetti hoops served on a Disney plate that you have to eat all the food off before you see the picture underneath is just the best meal.


14. In fact, you pride yourself on how inventive you can be with a humble hash brown.

I love hash browns and cottage pie so I mixed the two, it's going to get served in a giant Yorkshire pudding too 😍


17. But also that nothing on this earth beats a greasy-spoon hash brown.

Instagram: @ravi_mistry

You want to taste the vegetable oil seeping out of it as you bite in.