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    Posted on Sep 18, 2015

    21 Things Everyone Who Has Worked In A Welsh Pub Will Remember

    A pint of Brains, a curry half and half, and a coffi please.

    1. First things first: Your pub had an unpronounceable name.

    2. And there was a permanent bunch of rowdy rugby lads seated at the bar at all times.


    They all called each others by their surnames: Jones, Evans, and Jenkins.

    3. Everyone at the bar drank Brains beer, Wrexham lager, and Evans Evans.

    4. Unless they were underage drinking teens, in which case they were all about the Cheeky Vimto.

    5. A side of chips was often served with generous lashings of gravy.

    6. And customers opting for a curry always went for a half and half.

    7. Mothering Sunday was a big deal at the pub.

    8. And any time the rugby was on, the pub would be packed within minutes.

    9. You know that Cariad is the best wine.

    10. Your menu featured Welsh classics, like cawl, laverbread, and faggots.

    11. And your dessert menu included crempog, Welsh cakes, and bara brith.

    12. Although every nain would complain that your Welsh cakes weren't as good as theirs.

    13. And if you served a cheeseboard, Caerphilly definitely featured on it.

    14. You spent a lot of time making mint sauce.

    15. It was easy to remember the names of your regulars, because they were all called David.

    Bluebush Productions

    16. If you asked the chef to make something for you, they replied "Now in a minute".

    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

    Which confusingly meant they'd do it right away.

    17. Once a Welsh family finished their food, someone would take great pleasure in saying, "rydw i'n hoffi coffi".

    18. And if there were any over-60s at the table, they'd order a whisky coffee.

    19. If your pub was pretty rural, you almost certainly had a regular group of fishermen who came in most nights and nattered away in Welsh.


    In fact, you probably grew quite close to some of them.

    20. And once a month, they'd rent the whole pub out for a slap-up meal.

    21. And you still feel fond of that pub now.

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