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    21 Things Everyone Who Was Obsessed With GHDs Will Get

    Good Hair Days > Frizzy Hair Days.

    1. Having frizzy hair was your greatest and most terrifying nightmare.

    The Walt Disney Company

    In the '00s, the most hurtful insult was to describe someone as frizzy.

    2. Which meant that you had to straighten your hair every day.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    Your mum told you it'd give you split ends, but you did it anyway.

    3. Before GHDs came out, you owned something crap like a Babyliss 3-in-1 that you had to heat up for half an hour before using it.

    It never got properly hot, so you'd spend a good hour doing your hair in total.

    4. But as soon as GHDs came out, you knew you had to buy some.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    You either got them at Boots where you used your advantage card for discount, or you bought them from your local hairdresser.

    5. You know exactly how painful accidentally burning your ear on your straighteners is.

    Twitter: @DaylenMinch

    You've done this more times than you care to remember.

    6. And you know that catching your neck with your straighteners made it look like you had a massive hickey.

    Twitter: @cryndcompIain

    This particular injury was much more innocent than it looked.

    7. But the most painful body part to burn was your fingers.

    Twitter: @NashtyGilinsky1

    Especially if you burnt your knuckles.

    8. But also your wrist.

    Twitter: @GadDAYUMJAYSON

    Wrists are unbelievably sensitive.

    9. You've probably also burnt some of your possessions...

    10. ... and you've definitly burnt your bedroom carpet.

    Twitter: @SCstylerpouches

    Nothing made our mum angrier than a burnt carpet.

    11. But as well as ruining everything around you, burning random stuff made your GHDs really grotty.

    Twitter: @ayyeitsbrihere

    Having random goo stuck to your straighteners was the worst.

    12. You went through a phase of curling your hair but straightening your fringe.

    Universal Pictures

    It was a weird look, but you were into it.

    13. Sometimes you couldn't reach the back of your head, so you went out looking like this.

    Twitter: @MARY_the_night

    It's OK, we've all been there.

    14. And sometimes you'd straighten your hair, but then tie it up too soon afterwards, and end up with a ponytail kink.

    What a fashion faux pas.

    15. You used to straighten your hair while it was still wet to save drying time.

    Hollywood Records

    It kinda burnt your hair and it smelled really gross.

    16. And you've tied up your hair, pulled out two strands to frame your face, and straightened those strands too.

    Touchstone Pictures

    This was a very trendy thing to do for some reason.

    17. Your mum never understood why you had to blow dry and then straighten your hair immediately afterwards.

    Paramount Television

    She could never understand just how important it was for your hair to be poker straight.

    18. You went through an astronomical quantity of Lee Stafford heat protection spray.

    The smell of heat protection spray still makes you feel nostalgic for your teenage years.

    19. But it didn't stop you burning your hair at least once.

    Sometimes you'd just idly examine your split ends as you watched TV.

    20. You avoided drizzle and humidity as though it were the most dangerous weather on this planet.

    Twitter: @lourocket2208

    And tbf, it was dangerous to your look.

    21. And, quite honestly, you have never been as committed to anything or anyone in your adult life as you were to GHDs back then.


    And you doubt you ever will be.

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