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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    19 Things All Tall Couples Know To Be True

    "But it's my turn to sit in the aisle seat."

    1. Hanging out with normal-sized people makes you feel like literal giants.

    2. And having your picture taken with another couple is always a bit awkward.

    3. Whenever you hug goodbye to regular-sized people, they mention the fact that you're both pretty tall.


    They always acknowledge it, even though it is very clear.

    4. All photographs of the two together of you are taken from below, because the photographer is always shorter than you.

    5. And you'll never get a photo that features your ~whole~ bodies.

    6. Unless your bath is the size of a swimming pool, you can forget taking any romantic baths together.

    7. Because you're both too long for a normal-sized bed, it takes you hours to get comfy at nighttime.

    And you have lots of aggressive conversations about staying on YOUR SIDE OF THE BED.

    8. Photobooths are all about leaning and squatting for you guys.

    9. If you're on a car trip and everyone has to pile into the back, you always squabble over who gets the middle seat.

    10. And don't even get me started on how difficult restricted legroom can be.

    11. Every plane journey starts with a quarrel about whose turn it is to get the aisle seat.

    12. So you end up having to get creative.

    13. Going to the theatre is no better.

    14. And getting a train together is the actual worst.

    15. If you know another tall couple, you get weirdly competitive about who is taller.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    "No. She was wearing heels. That doesn't count."

    16. Whenever you hang out with your shorter friends, you feel very pleased you've found each other.

    17. Because falling in love with someone a foot shorter than you seems like it would be tough.

    18. When you get separated in a crowd, it feels really rude to continue talking to each other over other peoples' heads.

    Walt Disney

    But you do it anyway.

    19. And even though cuddling on the sofa is rarely a viable option, you're happy just the way you are.

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