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    22 Things Every Couple Who Lives In London Just Knows

    So many 45-minute tube journeys.

    1. Your first date was probably at the BFI bar on the Southbank.

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    And even if it wasn't, you've watched other couples on awkward first dates there.

    2. And you've been on a date to Gordon's Wine Bar too.

    3. In the early stages of dating, a long journey home on a night bus definitely ruined the sexual tension between you.

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    There's nothing quite like snogging in a bar, waiting 15 minutes for a bus, and then spending 45 minutes watching other people eat fried chicken and shrieking to kill any romantic feelings.

    4. But by now you have a night bus routine.

    You take it in turns for one of you to sleep while the other pays attention to where you're going.

    5. If you don't live together, you store roughly 50% of your belongings at each other's houses.

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    Chances are, you live at least 45 minutes apart so it just makes sense.

    6. And you'll often plan to visit each other for days at a time, because it's just easier that way.

    7. You've obviously had some awkward run ins with your S.O.'s flatmates.


    Living in a cramped London flat means that your flatmates see and hear everything.

    8. So eventually you'll end up living together purely for convenience.

    9. At some point, you'll have agreed to meet up at Covent Garden or Leicester Square.

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    Once you've done it once, you'll vow never to do it again.

    10. And you'll have celebrated at least one anniversary, birthday, or promotion in a tall building.

    11. You've been to Winter Wonderland together.

    12. And as soon as summer starts, you immediately head to the park for a picnic.

    13. But eventually you'll get bored of London in the summer, and go on endless day trips to depressing seaside towns.

    14. At the beginning of your relationship, you'll fill your evenings with trips to museum and gallery lates.

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    Drinking wine at the National Portrait Gallery on a Thursday night is a 10/10 date.

    15. But eventually you'll come to think that the best way to spend an evening is cooking a nice meal, drinking lots of wine, and having friends over.

    16. You'll always appreciate living in a city with such diverse theatre, art, and food.

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    Whatever you fancy, it's practically on your doorstep.*

    *At least a tube journey away.

    17. But you'll soon find your ~area~ of London and get to know its pubs inside out.

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    You'll get used to playing boardgames with only 80% of their pieces in the box.

    18. You'll realise that even though picking each other up from the airport when one of you has been away seems romantic, it's not realistic.

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    It would mean one of you making a three-hour round trip.

    19. And that holding hands anywhere in London isn't really viable either.

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    Tourists will always break you up.

    20. But there are so many lovely day dates to go on in London that it doesn't really matter.

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    Like getting the boat to Greenwich <3.

    21. Whenever you visit each other's hometowns, you'll wonder why on earth you chose to live in London.

    And you'll wonder whether you're too young to pack up and move to a suburb.

    22. But you'll always come back to the fact that London feels like home.


    And you wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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