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    32 Reasons Primary School Was The Best Time Of Every Girl's Life

    Bring back shag bands.

    1. Wearing stick-on earrings made you feel very grown up.

    And if you wanted to look edgy, you stuck one on your nose.

    2. Especially if you showed them off by pinning your hair back with bobby pins.

    3. This was the best birthday present you could get.

    Especially if you had an unusual name, because you never got named stuff otherwise.

    4. Except maybe a So...? gift set.

    5. And a candy bracelet was the best thing you could find in your party bag.

    6. A broken shag band was pretty scandalous.

    7. The most heated arguments you had with your friends were over who got to be Rachel in S Club.

    8. Who got to be Baby Spice in the Spice Girls.

    9. And who got to be Faye in Steps.

    10. And the biggest argument you had with your mum concerned "sensible" school shoes.

    This was an argument that involved the entire staff body of Clarks.

    11. But even those fights had nothing on the time your mum ironed your Tammy tee the wrong way round and the text went all gooey.$T2eC16N,!y0FI,UZUqL5BSPfjoZOp!~~60_35$T2eC16N,!y0FI,UZUqL5BSPfjoZOp!~~60_35

    12. You crimped your hair before every school disco.

    Using your trusty Babyliss crimpers.

    13. And covered the front bits in hair mascara.

    14. Of course, it was important that your whole body sparkled.

    15. And you pulled up your skirt up as high as you could because it was the ~done thing~.

    16. Claire's magnetic earrings were almost as good as the real thing.

    17. There was no pain quite like getting your ankle hit by a skipping rope.

    18. Getting Haribo-engaged was a one-way ticket to being cool.

    19. You both feared and admired the first girl in your year to get a bra.

    20. You never quite got over not being cast as Mary in the nativity play.

    StudioCanal /

    21. Coming back from your holidays with one of these made you feel very exotic.

    22. This was the coolest piece of stationary you could own.

    23. Except maybe these.

    24. And obviously these.

    25. You were always getting told off for highlighting your nails.

    26. Covering your head in butterfly hair-clips.

    27. Having your Baby-G go off in class.

    28. And not washing off your temporary tattoo before Monday.

    29. Getting your pretty summer dress from BHS was profoundly exciting.

    30. And wearing frilly socks was a novelty you never quite got over.

    31. Daisies told you who loved you and who loved you not.

    32. But most of all, you just longed to be as groovy as this chick.

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