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24 Things Every British Kid With One Foreign Parent Will Get

But where do you feel like you're from?

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1. Because you dip in and out of two languages at home, sometimes you forget when you're with your friends.

Which makes perfect sense to you and your parent, but can get slightly confusing for everyone else.
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Which makes perfect sense to you and your parent, but can get slightly confusing for everyone else.

2. And your English parent can feel left out if they don't speak your second language.

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Understanding more languages than your parents makes you feel very smug though.

3. Besides, bitching about English people in a foreign language will never not be fun.

It's like you and your siblings have a secret, little gang.

4. Having two passports will always feel glam.

"Yeah I have a few stamps in this one, but most of my stamps are actually in my other one."

5. And there'll be at least two airports in the world that you know like the back of your hand.

And you'll have a little routine you always go through at both of them.

6. There'll be some English words your foreign parent mispronounces.

And if their mother tongue doesn't have gendered pronouns, they'll mix up him/her a lot.
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And if their mother tongue doesn't have gendered pronouns, they'll mix up him/her a lot.

7. If it's your mum who is foreign, Mother's Day will be a massive headache.

Whyyyy is English Mother's Day on a different day to the rest of the world? Whyyyyy?

8. And if your foreign parent is European, they might insist you get them flowers on their name day.

If their first name is hyphenated, like my mum's, they might be really cheeky and ask for flowers on two separate days.

9. You may also celebrate Christmas on 24 December.

If you're lucky, you might ~combine~ traditions. So you'll get your main presents after dinner on Christmas Eve and your little presents when you wake up on Christmas Day.

10. You're super quick at converting currencies in your head.

11. Same goes for working out time differences.

12. On New Year's Eve, you have two separate toasts.

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You toast the new year in both countries, no matter which country you're celebrating in.

13. Your non-English grandparents will be deeply suspicious of England. Specifically whether you are getting enough vitamins in England.

They'll send you regular packages from the pharmacy, which is actually quite sweet.

14. Every now and then your foreign parent will bitch about The English.

"They're so prude, The English," they'll say. It's particularly awkward for you because basically all your friends are English. And, tbh, so are you.

15. Specifically, they will say, "Oh she's very English" about your friend's mums who are literally very English.

Tbf, you know what they mean though.

Tbf, you know what they mean though.

16. No matter where your foreign parent is from, they'll never stop moaning about the English weather.

17. There'll be foods you grew up eating that your English friends will have never tried.

18. And sometimes you'll just really crave a sweet you can't get here.

19. You'll find that your accent changes depending on who you're hanging out with.

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You'll get a sympathetic foreign accent if you spend too much time with your grandparents, but you'll sound fully English when you're here.

20. And you might grow up thinking a word is English, only to later find out it's not.

It's just something your parent says a lot.

21. There might even be some words you don't know in English.


I only learnt the English words for "jetty" and "pine cone" when I was like 16 😕.

22. You'll never be quite sure who you're meant to support in sports matches or Eurovision.

Whichever one does better, I guess?

Whichever one does better, I guess?

23. And you'll be randomly tuned in to two sets of pop culture.

Basically, you'll be more into Shakira and Shania Twain than the rest of your English friends.

24. But hey, at least it means you get to travel loads.

And you'll have started flying so young that you know you'll never be a nervous flyer.