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    28 Things Every '00s Girl Had In Her Bedroom

    This list includes: dream catchers, lava lamps, and gem trees.

    1. A dream catcher

    2. Groovy Chick bedsheets

    3. An inflatable chair

    4. A Bubblegum Club wallpaper border

    5. Babyliss 6-in-1s

    6. Beanie Babies

    7. A Dance Dance Revolution mat

    8. A metal bunk bed with a fold out chair and a desk underneath

    9. An S Club 7 portable radio

    10. Bang On The Door wall stickers

    11. A robotic dog

    12. A stack of Mizz, Bliss, and Shout magazines

    13. A pecking woodpecker toy

    14. A lava lamp

    15. A gem tree

    16. A paper lantern lamp

    17. Glow-in-the-dark star stickers

    18. A beaded curtain

    19. Worry dolls

    20. A vinyl clock

    21. A disco ball

    22. A fluffy sheepskin rug

    23. A flying pig hanging from the ceiling

    24. A light switch sticker

    25. A collage of gig tickets

    26. A plug-in strobe light

    27. A pretty mosquito net

    28. But most importantly, a Seth Cohen poster