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25 Things Close Friendship Groups Just Get

Ever think you guys may be a little too close?

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1. Even if you don't get to hang out all the time, it's important to keep one another updated on every single detail of your lives.

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So if you're hungover and not together, you've got to send a gross selfie to your WhatsApp group.

2. But whenever you do manage to get everyone together, you know you're in for a messy one.


At least one of you will cry, one of you will vomit, and all of you will end the night making emotionally charged promises to hang out more often over gravy-covered chips.


4. And let's not even get started on what it's like introducing your new S.O. to your friend group.

After the initial screening process, which traditionally involves around 150 personal questions, they'll do their best to embarrass you by telling your new partner all your worst stories. Except the one they'd never dare tell.

5. You guys are obligated to be each other's plus-ones to any social event one of you needs support at.

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Heading to a wedding where old relatives are likely to ask why you're still single? Not to worry: One of your friends will be your fake S.O.

6. You've been through so many adventures together, you can tackle just about anything with your friends by your side.*

Is anything going to be worse than that time you shared a bed with a goat on a night train through Thailand?

7. You've been there for one another through every break up, family argument, and career crisis. And you'll continue to be there forevermore.

And if your friend crisis-calls you and you're not available, you're obligated to locate an alternative friend and give them a crisis-handover.


9. Your in-jokes are so old that you can't remember the origins of most of them anymore.

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Which means your WhatsApp group name makes zero sense, and you talk in some kind of riddle language that literally no one else gets.

10. You've seen each other at your absolute worst, so you know your group will never ever judge you.

Which means you can unbutton your jeans at the dinner table and keep ramming chocolate cake into your mouth without fear of being made fun of.

11. Because you've developed an identical sense of humour, you often end up laughing until the insides of your cheeks hurt.