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25 Things Close Friendship Groups Just Get

Ever think you guys may be a little too close?

1. Even if you don't get to hang out all the time, it's important to keep one another updated on every single detail of your lives.

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So if you're hungover and not together, you've got to send a gross selfie to your WhatsApp group.

2. But whenever you do manage to get everyone together, you know you're in for a messy one.


At least one of you will cry, one of you will vomit, and all of you will end the night making emotionally charged promises to hang out more often over gravy-covered chips.

3. Introducing a new friend to your group is always tricky.

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Because if your group don't like the colleague you've recently become good friends with, you're going to question why you like them too.

4. And let's not even get started on what it's like introducing your new S.O. to your friend group.

After the initial screening process, which traditionally involves around 150 personal questions, they'll do their best to embarrass you by telling your new partner all your worst stories. Except the one they'd never dare tell.

5. You guys are obligated to be each other's plus-ones to any social event one of you needs support at.

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Heading to a wedding where old relatives are likely to ask why you're still single? Not to worry: One of your friends will be your fake S.O.

6. You've been through so many adventures together, you can tackle just about anything with your friends by your side.*

Is anything going to be worse than that time you shared a bed with a goat on a night train through Thailand?

7. You've been there for one another through every break up, family argument, and career crisis. And you'll continue to be there forevermore.

And if your friend crisis-calls you and you're not available, you're obligated to locate an alternative friend and give them a crisis-handover.

8. Because you're all so close, you've started to speak in the exact same way.


Which realllllly confuses any outsiders.

9. Your in-jokes are so old that you can't remember the origins of most of them anymore.

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Which means your WhatsApp group name makes zero sense, and you talk in some kind of riddle language that literally no one else gets.

10. You've seen each other at your absolute worst, so you know your group will never ever judge you.

Which means you can unbutton your jeans at the dinner table and keep ramming chocolate cake into your mouth without fear of being made fun of.

11. Because you've developed an identical sense of humour, you often end up laughing until the insides of your cheeks hurt.

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And if one of your group is feeling down, it's pretty easy to get them smiling again.

12. You've had countless conversations that begin, "So which of us will be the first to..."

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And you've yet to disagree on an answer.

13. You've also had a fair few conversations that begin, "So if we were the Plastics, who'd be Karen?"

These tend to go on until you run out of TV friendship groups you can compare yourselves with.

14. You know one another's romantic histories better than you know your own...

And you won't let your friends forget a single one of their regrettable former flings.

15. good luck to anyone who breaks one of your hearts.

If you hurt one of us, you'll have all of us to answer to.

16. Of course, sometimes hearts do get broken. But you know how to deal with that stuff too.

If one of you gets screwed over, the rest of you jump into action immediately and implement a cheer-up plan.

17. If one of you has to send a scary email, or make the first move via text, the rest of you will check it over first.

Whether it's a work issue, or a personal one, your group often act as proof readers.

18. And they'll rehearse tricky conversations with you too.

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Sometimes by doing an uncannily accurate impression of the person on the receiving end of your chat.

19. If one of your pals hates someone, you hate them too.

No questions asked.

20. You've all wingmanned for one another on nights out.

So you know exactly what your friends look like when they flirt. And, more importantly, when to tell them to give up and go home.

21. Between you guys, no topic of conversation is off-limits.

So if you need to find out whether what you did in sex last night was normal, you know who to ask.

22. When you're together, you can gossip and bitch to your hearts content.

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But if you take out your bad moods on one another, you'll be called out on it.

23. Sometimes it feels like you guys share a brain. Or, at the very least, you're kind of telepathic.

Because you know exactly how every social situation will make your mates feel.

24. And other times you just sit around and admire how far you've all come.

Normally over a very large meal and an even larger bottle of wine.

25. Because you know that lots of friends will come and go from your life, but your group is for life.

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