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Posted on Nov 11, 2014

23 Things Close Female Friends Just Get

Sometimes it's important to eat your own weight in cheese together.

1. It is an unspoken rule that if she hates someone, you hate them too. No questions asked.

2. And if either of you faces relationship drama, the other is obligated to listen and provide detailed analysis.


You might not like it. You might even ignore it. But you will listen to it.

3. You know that there are some problems that can only be solved by heavy drinking.

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And as long as one of you promises to be the sensible one, there's nothing wrong with that.

4. Of course, you know exactly how to deal with each other when you get silly drunk.

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You know that vodka makes her lose her memory, whisky makes her aggressive, and tequila makes her lose her clothes. And you know how to deal with the hangover that will follow.

5. If something new or weird happens in sex, you will discuss it in revolting detail.

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How else will you ascertain whether it was normal and whether your friend should try it too?

6. You share the same bitchy thoughts that you could never tell anyone else.


Because if you did, you'd have no other friends.

7. You know exactly how to give each other an ego boost when you need it.

"No, you don't look your best right now, but you have good bone structure so you're still in the top 25% of people."

8. Nudity doesn't phase you.

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After she applied fake tan to bits of your body that no one else gets to see, it just stopped being an issue.

9. You can describe the "vibe" of someone you've just met, and she'll know exactly what you mean.

"He's the kind of guy who'd blow cigarette smoke right into your face even if you coughed to make a point about it." "Oh, gross."

10. Talking of which "girls who just get on better with guys" are the enemy.

11. You have a special we-are-leaving-immediately-literally-right-now look.


And when it's issued, you act immediately.

12. Sometimes, when you're out, you have to share a toilet cubicle because you've got too much gossip to get through.


And as long as you close your eyes, it's fine.

13. You can be horrendously mean to each other and know it doesn't matter.

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It'd take a hell of a lot to make you actually fall out.

14. If she wants to bitch about her family, you have to join in. And if she changes her mind five minutes later, so do you.

15. If one of you giggles, it's a matter of moments before the other one loses it too.


16. You've probably ranked all your other friends based on hotness.

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And you've quibbled over how many hotness points a good personality wins someone.

17. You also regularly have conversations that start, "If you were him, what would you start doing differently?"

"I'd get a hair cut and start ironing my shirts. You?"

18. Sometimes, the only thing that'll make you feel better is climbing into her bed uninvited and snuggling all night.

And possibly eating a substantial meal and watching several series of Sex And The City first.

19. Talking of meals, you've definitely shared a secret meal before/during/after a night out.

And disgusted yourselves with quite how quickly you're capable of consuming cheesy chips.

20. Whatever the other person does, you don't judge it.

No questions. No comments. No exceptions.

21. You know each other's romantic histories better than you know your own.


Because you've been there through every single breakup.

22. You're over-the-top delighted when anything in life goes right for her.


And vice versa.

23. And you will defend her without even knowing what she's done.

And that's how it'll always be <3.

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