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    27 Things Brits Do, According To Ridiculous Stock Images

    All of these images were found using the search terms "British people" and "English people".

    1. Gymnastics in a fully-body Union Jack leotard.

    Wisky / Thinkstock

    2. Wear false mustaches and hold up A4 posters of the Union Jack.

    Alberto Bogo / Thinkstock

    3. Measure their heart rate in front of the Union Jack.

    moodboard / Thinkstock

    4. Wear Union Jack socks.

    MM Productions / Thinkstock

    5. Ask others whether they speak English by holding up a tablet in front of a Union Jack.

    LiliGraphie / Thinkstock

    6. Ask others whether they speak English by writing it on a blackboard and standing in front of it.

    Remains / Thinkstock

    7. Ask others whether they speak English by overlaying text onto a Union Jack, setting it as their desktop background and holding up their laptops at a jaunty angle, while flying through the sky.

    dnberty / Thinkstock

    8. Hold handfuls of Euro cents.

    thodonal / Thinkstock

    9. Present their coppers by turning out the insides of their pockets.

    roberthyrons / Thinkstock

    10. Hold ten pence pieces over their glabellas.

    Giambra / Thinkstock

    11. Stand on groynes and look down at their lovers.

    Digital Vision / Thinkstock

    12. Lean out of telephone boxes that they are not using.

    william87 / Thinkstock

    13. Read books with the Union Jack on the cover.

    dnberty / Thinkstock

    14. Paint their faces in an effort to blend into a backdrop of the English flag.

    4774344sean / Thinkstock

    15. Sit, cross-legged, on beds wearing Union Jack t-shirts.

    Sloniki / Thinkstock

    16. Put whole fists into their mouths.

    John Howard / Thinkstock

    17. Bite into unreasonably large chocolate bars.

    moodboard / Thinkstock

    18. Stand facing the wrong way amidst other businesspeople.

    moodboard / Thinkstock

    19. Present old English books.

    spaxiax / Thinkstock

    20. Tip large amounts of soil into flowerbeds using wheelbarrows.

    Tommaso Tagliaferri / Thinkstock

    21. Stick their tongues out, while wearing Union Jack t-shirts.

    pshek / Thinkstock

    22. Hold hands and jump in front of the London Eye.

    Mike Watson Images / Thinkstock

    23. Look at each other, instead of popular tourist sights, through telescopes.

    Fuse / Thinkstock

    24. Open their jackets to reveal the Union Jack.

    stevanovicigor / Thinkstock

    25. Attach Union Jacks to running children.

    Jupiterimages / Thinkstock

    26. Paint their faces with the English flag and shout into empty spaces.

    Tomasz Trojanowski / Thinkstock

    27. Conceal their faces with card versions of the Union Jack.

    michaklootwijk / Thinkstock

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