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21 Things All Vegetarian Couples Just Get

"Are you just vegetarian because your girlfriend's vegetarian?"

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1. You'll soon work out that 50% of your freezer must be filled with Linda McCartney sausages at all times.

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You'll experiment with Cauldron sausages at one point, but you'll always return to Linda.

2. And the other 50% must be full of hash browns.

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When you're a vegetarian, being hungover means eating a lot of beige foods.

3. If one of you becomes vegetarian during the course of your relationship, everyone will ask whether you only did it because your S.O. is a vegetarian.


They won't consider the fact that you have the capacity to make your own decisions.


5. If one of you is a new vegetarian, you'll experiment will all kinds of meat alternatives for a while.

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Which the more experienced vegetarian among you will find endlessly funny.

6. Eating out with friends often means ordering matching mushroom risottos.

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If you're lucky, you might have the choice of matching mushroom risottos or matching stuffed peppers.

7. And if you go out with a group and order sharing plates, the meat eaters will end up eating your mains as their sides.

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They'll eat your patatas bravas and make you pay for their cured meats. It always happens.


9. The same will happen whenever you order takeaway as part of a group.

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And if you eat even one measly prawn cracker, everyone will have a lot of opinions about it.

10. Which is why discovering new vegetarian restaurants together will soon become your favourite thing to do.

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11. And you'll often eat half of two mains each, so you get to try more of the menu.

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12. You'll also start collecting veggie cookbooks.

There's no point buying normal cookbooks that you can only use half of when there are two of you.


13. You'll share a bottle of multivitamins and remind each other to take them.

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You'll battle your potential B12 deficiency together.

16. Unless you serve them quorn. In which case someone will tell you it tastes like "cheap meat".

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Thanks so much, bye.


19. Travelling together can sometimes be difficult. Especially if you're going somewhere like France.

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In France you will only eat cheese. Which is actually not a bad thing.

20. You'll have a whole bunch of genuinely interesting conversations about vegetarianism.

*prepares to cook vegetarian chili* *spills the beans* Whoa, I suppose you could call that.. *lowers shades with a spatula*.. Kidney failure

But seriously: You'll umm and ahh about whether pet ownership is ethical forever.

21. But most of all, you'll start to really enjoy cooking together.

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Making nut butter at the weekends will soon become a thing you legit look forward to.