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    Oct 7, 2015

    23 Things All Sisters Who Went To The Same School Know

    We are two different people with two different names, thanks.

    1. If you're the little sister, your teachers used to call you by your big sister's name all the time.

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    2. But even if you were the big sister, you used to get mistaken for your little sis from time to time.

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    Which your friends thought was HILARIOUS.

    3. Being the little sister meant feeling really cool when all the older girls from your sister's year said hello to you in the corridor.

    "Yeah, I hang out with 16-year-olds all the time."

    4. But being the big sister meant feeling really lame when all your little sister's friends chatted to you in the lunch queue.


    5. That said, you always felt super protective of your little sis.

    6. After a while, Friday night sleepovers meant that your friendship groups started to merge.

    7. And you were each allowed to take one friend to your sister's birthday parties.

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    If you were the older sister, your friend and you were expected to help the grown-ups organise the party, which made you feel very ~mature~.

    8. In primary school, photo day was extra embarrassing for you, because you were forced to pose for one together after your individual ones.

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    And if your mum was especially cruel, you wore matching hairstyles for this reason.

    9. Your parents were super proud when you were both involved in the same school events, like the Harvest Festival.

    10. But if you were in different houses, they never knew which team to support on Sports Day.

    11. School uniform shopping was really fun for the older sister.


    The older you got, the more school uniform you needed. And getting bits of sports kit that your sister wasn't old enough for yet made you feel very smug.

    12. But receiving endless hand-me-downs was boring for the younger sister.

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    Especially if the older sister hadn't looked after their uniform properly, so your school jumper was tattier than all your friends'.

    13. If you got the school bus, you never sat with each other because that would have been very uncool.

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    But you probably sat across from each other, or in front of each other, so you could make sure each other was OK.

    14. On home clothes day, your mum always tried to make you wear matching clothes.

    15. But wearing matching costumes on World Book Day and Halloween never stopped being cool.

    16. Your parents always encouraged you to be members of the same school clubs, so they could pick you both up at the same time.

    17. As you got older, the big sister had to proof-read the younger sister's homework, coursework, and UCAS form.

    18. But in return, the younger sister kept the older sister up to date with all the school gossip way after she left.

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    "You will never guess which teachers date now!"

    19. If the younger sister showed a vague interest in the older sister's favourite subject, she was accused of copying.

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    Even though now, when you think about it, it's actually kinda cute that she shared your interests.

    20. Your parents constantly forgot which subjects you both studied, so always ended up seeing the wrong teachers at Parents' Evening.

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    Which was frustrating because you are two individual people.

    21. But nothing was annoying as the older sister's friends calling the younger sister "cute".


    This was equally annoying for both of you.

    22. As soon as the older sister turned 17, she took over the school run.

    23. And even though you probably both went through phases of being embarrassed of each other, you loved being at school together.

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    Having an ally at school was the best.

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