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19 Pictures That Won't Make Sense Unless You're An Older Sister

When you're still wearing matching clothes in high school.

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1. When you're way too old to be wearing matching clothes:

2. When someone asks which of you is older:

Walt Disney / Twitter: @zombriii

3. When your friends come round for a sleepover, but they end up playing with your sister instead:

4. When anyone at school finds out you're related:

5. When you can't think of a comeback in time, so all you can do is mock her laugh.

6. When your parents ask you to babysit:

7. When your teachers call you by your younger sister's name:

8. When you have to behave because you've got visitors, but you're actually in the biggest fight of your lives:

9. When you finally get the front seat of the car:

10. When you find out how much pocket money she gets, and it's way more than you got at her age:

11. When your little sister is in her first relationship and you're single af:

12. When she joins the same after-school club as you:

13. When you won't give her the remote:

14. When she refuses to delete a really ugly picture she just took of you:

15. When you're the only person who knows that being young doesn't make her cute:

16. When she announces that her favourite subject is the same as yours, but refuses to accept that she's clearly copying you:

17. When your parents ask you to "be grown up" just because you're older:

18. When you can tell she's about to get told off, so suddenly you're the model child:

19. And whenever anybody else does anything even remotely mean to her: