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21 Things All Couples Who Are Slightly Obsessed With Cooking Will Get

So many Instagram pictures of food.

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6. But it's equally good when you wake up together, and realise that you've got enough time to make a fancy brunch.

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Bonus points if you have all the ingredients in your house and don't have to go to the shop.

8. And cooking a big roast is your favourite way to spend a Sunday.

With extra Yorkshire puddings ofc.


9. You love hosting dinner parties for your friends.

Especially if you have time to make pudding too.

10. But you also love just cooking for each other.

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There's nothing nicer than spending an evening together eating good food and drinking cheap wine.

12. When you're feeling lazy, you just bung a load of ingredients into a slow cooker in the morning and come home to a ready made dinner.

Coming home to the smell of your dinner ready to eat is the best.


13. But you're also not against ordering a Pappa John's and scoffing it in front of the telly.

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Just because you like to cook doesn't mean you always cook.

16. If it's a really special occasion, like an important anniversary or one of you just got a promotion, you'll try a new restaurant together.

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And then spend the journey home working out how you can replicate what you just ate.


17. You've definitly gone through a joint ~phase~, like an infusing phase or a pickling phase.

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And you'll learn that some things are worth the faff, whereas others are not. For example: making your own hummus = worth it; but making your own gnocchi = not really.