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52 Things '00s Teen Girls Know To Be True

Remember crimpers? They were cool.

1. Learning to compose "Round Round" by the Sugababes on your Nokia was something to be proud of.

2. And getting a new phone was the worst because you'd lose your ringtones and your high scores on Snake.

3. This part of A Walk to Remember was probably the most poignant love scene ever penned.

4. When it came to buying clothes, there was only one place to go.

5. Same went for jewellery.

6. And this was obviously the coolest accessory there was.

7. This is what your wrist looked like.

8. Although when Marissa died, you replaced them all with a single piece of black string as a mark of respect.

9. It was your ambition to own this.

10. But your schoolbag was actually one of these.

11. Until you graduated to this one.

12. You wanted a twin sister so much it actually hurt a bit.

13. You knew all the dance moves to this banger.

14. Your disco outfit was a poncho and a bobble made of fake hair.

15. Your mum told you that too much of this stuff would turn you yellow.

16. You had a strong opinion on which member of Busted was your fave (James, obv).

17. You read these magazines religiously.

18. The Mates, Dates series was the best.

19. You wanted nothing more than to be best friends with Carmen, Bridget, Tibby, and Lena.

20. And you'd have given up pretty much anything to date Lucas.

21. Queueing up for the new Harry Potter book at midnight was a yearly treat.

22. These hair products changed your life.

23. You literally cried when Gareth Gates didn't win Pop Idol.

24. And you'd never seen anything cooler than Zoe Birkett's hair.

25. These girls were your idols.

26. You went to dance classes with the aim of becoming one of these girls.

27. You were in love with Prince William before he lost his hair.

28. Thirteen was pretty much the most risqué thing you'd ever seen.

29. Until Skins came along.

30. You have a friend who bred aliens by putting them back-to-back in the fridge.

31. A new school term meant a new set of scented gel pens.

32. Should your boyfriend or your best friend be your top Myspace friend? That was the question.

33. You saved your homework on one of these.

34. This is how you spent break time.

35. The first thing you did when your braces were removed? CHEWED ALL OF THE COLA HUBBA BUBBA.

36. You knew that calling someone else fat wouldn't make you any skinnier.

37. You really admired Taj's business acumen.

38. You remember when Jamie stopped turkey twizzlers being served at school.

39. But hey, at least you could fill up on tuck shop Millions.

40. The first thing you did when you got home from school? Flirted with boys you didn't know on MSN (LOL).

41. You know who this is.

Hint: he won Fame Academy.

42. You felt really grown up when your parents let you watch Big Brother for the first time.

43. You always made your Sims do this.

44. Friday nights were for Top of the Pops, microwave popcorn, and sleepovers.

45. You were sooo Team LC.

46. This is how you downloaded music.

47. Yeah, you love it.

48. You also loved your Etnies.

49. Desperate Housewives was the only TV show you watched with your mum.

50. Except maybe Footballers' Wives (OMG Conrad, what a fittie).

51. Your email address was something like sxcblonde_xxx90@hotmail.com.

52. And, deep down, you're still looking for your lobster.