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There's A Secret Way Of Eating Curry That You Need To Know About

You're all making a big mistake. Trust me.

Hey there. You know what a curry looks like. You've had a fair few curries in your time. You enjoy curries on a regular basis.

And you know that there's nothing better than going out for a curry with your mates and catching up over a beer and a masala.

Except maybe ordering takeout curry and eating it in your pants with the telly on.

But, guys: You're eating it wrong. It's all well and good shaking things up by ordering a naan instead of rice from time to time.

It's even alright to have a naan AND a portion of rice, if you're really feeling crazy.

But it's not the dream combination. Rice + naan = double carbs, sure. But they're two pretty bland carbs. You could be picking better carbs. Introducing: the curry half and half.

That's right: curry with rice and chips. Fifty per cent rice. Fifty per cent chips. Curry half and half.

Just look at that. Imagine taking a bite of curry and chip. Then a bite of curry and rice. Maybe even a bite of chip and rice with a bit of curry sauce on top because why the hell not?

So please. For the love of god. Start serving your curries properly. Give them the respect they deserve.