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    There Is A Queen Elizabeth II Themed Kebab Shop In Chingford

    And the owner's invited her for dinner.

    This is a kebab shop in East London.

    Tony Kershaw /

    Until last week, it was called "Petra", and it looked identical to most other kebab houses.

    But then something changed.

    It's owner, Hussein Ibrahim, realised that his shop didn't reflect his love of the Queen.

    So he renamed and redecorated it.

    Tony Kershaw /

    “I love the Queen and what she’s done for every single person in this country," he told the Waltham Forest Guardian.

    “This is her land and she deserves to have everybody to come here to salute her.”

    And even though a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said images of the royal family should not be used for commercial endorsement, Hussein has invited her Majesty for a cheeky kebab.

    Let's hope she'll show up.

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