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There Is A 20-Centimetre Antelope At Chester Zoo

His name is Neo and he's very jumpy.

This is Neo. He is a baby Kirk's dik-dik.

Chester Zoo

Neo is only 20cms small and he weighs 1.3kgs. That's because Kirk's dik-diks are one of the world's smallest antelope species.

When Neo was born, he was very sad.

Chester Zoo

Dik-dik mothers don't always take to their young, and Neo didn't really hit it off with his.


Chester Zoo

Aluna, Neo's sister, was also rejected by her mum when she was born. So she drew on her own experiences and looked after her baby brother.

Neo is still a bit nervous and jumpy around other dik-diks, but Aluna is teaching him to be brave.

Chester Zoo

"Aluna is dishing out lots of special care and attention and it’s helping him integrate into the wider family group," said zoo keeper Claire Mc Phee.

"She’s helping him to settle in nicely and it’s lovely to see.”

Neo is a very popular dik-dik.

He sometimes helps zoo keepers with work.

Soon, Neo will be brave enough to make his own friends at Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo

But, for now, he can rely on Aluna, his big sis.

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