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The Week In Gossip Mags: 21 Snippets From Celeb World

Including X Factor sex scandals, new Spice Girl singles and boy band bankruptcies.

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2. But Union J's Josh Cuthbert is after her.

Kate Thornton and MIC's Ashley James are trying to be matchmakers. "So apparently @k8_thornton @ashleyjames said you were going to call me lol?" Josh tweeted Kelly. Unfortunately, Kelly's set on boyfriend Danny. Gutted.

3. Cheryl Cole and Tre are stronger than ever.

The couple, who've been together for 13 months, were spotted cuddling at restaurant Sushi Samba last week. Following rumours that they'd broken up, Cheryl wrote "Keep calm and love interracial couples" on her Instagram.


6. Nadine Coyle won't let her former bandmates meet her baby.

"I'm sick of the lot of them," a pregnant Nadine reportedly told a close friend. "Cheryl and Kimberley have it in for me and can't stand me being happy." Nadine's anger follows Kimberley's claim in her recent autobiography that she was always more interested in a solo career than the band. Ouch.

7. Sinitta has signed up for Jeremy Kyle.

Sinitta, who claims to have aborted Simon Cowell's baby in the '80s, is reportedly angry that he's having a baby with Lauren Silverman (right). She tweeted Jeremy Kyle saying, "I know I declined your celebrity chat, but I'd love to do your show PROVIDED you provide a lie detection device." Juicy.


10. Sam Faiers is dating another Mr Wright.

She may have hooked up with Mark Wright a couple of years ago, but that hasn't stopped her going after his cousin Elliott. The couple were spotted at restaurant Hakkasan, where they couldn't keep their eyes off each other. But apparently he's a player too. Eek.

11. 1D's Louis is about to pop the question.

With bandmate Zayn happily engaged, Louis is thinking about popping the question too. "Now that Zayn and Perrie have got engaged, it's naturally cropped up even more," said a close friend. "Louis thinks it's time to make it official." OMG SO JEL.


13. Cheska and Binky have both got new men.

Cheska's dating an older guy from Yorkshire, who won't be appearing on the show, whereas Binky's hooking up with Phoebe's ex Alex. "Mummy Felstead approves," Binky told Reveal. Result.

14. Liam Gallagher is planning to marry his PA.

And ex Nicole Appleton isn't happy. "She's suffering," Nicole's mum told Grazia. Liam has already moved in with his former PA Debbie Gwyther, and their new pad is just two doors down from where he used to live with Nicole.

15. This is Michelle Heaton's last pregnancy.

Getty / Miles Willis

After being diagnosed with a mutated BRCA2 gene and undergoing a double mastectomy last year, Michelle has revealed that this is the last time she will be able to have a child. "After the year I've had, I wasn't sure if I'd ever get pregnant again, so this was a really nice surprise, a miracle really," she told Reveal.


16. Jemima and Russell are so over.

They were spotted at a Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsland Road and then again in New York. But last week Russell told fans he is most definitely single, and then snogged some of them to prove it. What a man.

18. Cressida Bonas is about to meet the royal family.

With Prince Harry looking increasingly likely to pop the question, Cressida has already met Prince Charles - and she's good friends with Beatrice and Eugenie. Next, Harry is planning to introduce her to Camilla, the Queen and Prince Phillip.

19. Geordie Shore's Charlotte vows never to shag her new man on camera.

"Mine and Mitch's sex is special," she told Now. "I wouldn't want my mam and dad to see." Charlotte also claims that Gaz is more like a brother to her now. Sure.


20. Chanelle Hayes is addicted to food.

She's gone from a size 8 to a size 14 and claims her food addiction is to blame. "Some people take drugs to get high - it's the same for me with food," she told Now. She's trying to get down to a size 10 by Christmas.

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