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The Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game

What's that? Someone's singing in a European language? FINISH YOUR DRINK.

OMG it's Eurovision time. Let's get wasted.

- Cheap beer

- A lot of vodka

- Ear plugs

1. Whenever Graham Norton says something mildly racist, put on an Irish accent, repeat what he said and then drink two fingers.

2. Every time the presenters flirt, swap drinks with someone else in the room and take a big gulp of your new drink.

3. Finish your drink every time an act enters the stage in traditional costume.

4. Whenever an act does an awkward dance routine, stand up and copy it. The last person standing finishes their drink.

5. If a country attempts to make a political statement, drink 2 fingers.

6. Every time a song has "love" in its title, tell someone in the room that you love them while gazing into their eyes. If you get the giggles, finish your drink.

7. Whenever there's a lighting or sound delay, start drinking. Only stop when everything works again.

8. The moment Graham Norton gets too drunk to make sense, finish your drink. You're going to need to match his drunkenness.

9. Whenever you see glitter, feathers or coloured confetti, drink 3 fingers.

10. Every time someone doesn't sing in English, attempt to sing along. As soon as you find yourself struggling, take a big gulp of your drink.

11. Whenever a presenter awkwardly performs a short stand up routine before delivering their country's scores, do a shot.

12. If a country gives 12 points to its neighbour, drink 2 fingers.

13. If a country finishes with nil points, drink until you have nil drink left.

14. If the U.K. wins, down your bottle.

15. And if the U.K. comes last, see off every bottle in the room.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be on BBC1 from 8pm on Saturday 10th May.

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