The 25 Stages Of Learning To Drive

    Hello, freedom.

    1. You've just turned 17 and there's only one thing on your mind.

    2. This is the year you can FINALLY learn to drive.

    3. And stop asking your mum for lifts into town.

    4. It's time to book yourself a driving lesson and start spending hours upon hours inside a small vehicle with a total stranger.

    5. A stranger who somehow manages to invade your personal space from the passenger's seat.

    6. And would clearly be more comfortable if he were in control of proceedings.

    7. He's not, though. You are.

    8. You pretty soon find your nemesis. His name is Clutch and he makes you stall on the minute, every minute.

    9. He makes you so tense that you develop severe foot pain.

    10. And he makes you concentrate so hard that you forget about road signs.

    11. Which, BTW, are clearly some kind of joke that you're not in on.

    12. Pretty soon, your back window's covered in reverse-friendly Post-it notes.

    13. You've mastered the 1-2-1.5 parking formula.

    14. And broken your dad's car in the process.

    15. Which made him really nervous about driving with you.

    16. Still, eventually you're confident enough to be like...

    17. It's time to take the test.

    18. And it's during the test that you remember how much you love your driving teacher. Without him, you know nothing.

    19. But all the best drivers fail their first test, right?

    20. And when you do eventually pass, you know exactly how you want to celebrate. ROAD TRIP.

    21. Which looks like this when Britney does it.

    22. But realistically involves a trip up the M40 to Slough.

    23. With mates who kind of get in the way.

    24. Still, at least you're independent now.

    25. And there's a whole world out there to explore.