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    The 25 Most British Things That Have Ever Been Knitted

    Featuring an excellent knitted fry up.

    1. London's Lord Mayor and Boris Johnson.

    2. These "Doctor Who" characters.

    3. This full English breakfast.

    4. This afternoon tea.

    5. The Beatles.

    6. This Gryffindor scarf.

    7. This mandrake from "Harry Potter".

    8. This yarn bombed telephone box.

    9. This mini London.

    10. These cuppas.

    11. This royal wedding.

    12. This portion of fish and chips.

    13. This London underground map.

    14. The Queen with her corgis.

    15. This cricket match.

    16. This winter Pimms cosy.

    17. This football.

    18. This English countryside village.

    19. This umbrella.

    20. The Teletubbies.

    21. Shakespeare's Globe.

    22. This Banksy tribute.

    23. The cast of "Sherlock".

    24. This Marmite tea cosy.

    25. And finally, this cock and balls.

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