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The 14 Loveliest And Most Creative Ways To Tip A Waiter

Sometimes a friendly server can bring out the best in people.

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Luke,The tip for you was given because you remind me of my son, Deron, who died 15 years ago. Maybe you look a little like him, but it is your kind, gentle, conscientious, mannerly spirit that makes the connection. Thanks for the bitter/sweet memory. God bless you, dear!
It looked like the customers next to us were being really shitty customers, so I drew you a space man.
Sometimes when a person dines alone, the waiter treats them as a less-important ticket. You did not do that and I am grateful.Merry Christmas!
In honor of my 22nd b-day I would like you to have a $22 tip! Thanks for being such an amazing waitress! :) :)