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Posted on Oct 29, 2015

How Well Do You Remember '00s Rom Coms?

Time to test your memory.

  1. 1. Where does Bridget from Bridget Jones's Diary live?

    Universal Pictures
  2. 2. Which university did both Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy go to?

  3. 3. Which sorority was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde the president of?

    Type A Films
  4. 4. What is Elle's chihuahua called?

  5. 5. Which newspaper does Iris write a society column for in The Holiday?

    Universal Pictures
  6. 6. What are Graham's daughters called?

  7. 7. Which city does Kat travel to be be a maid of honour for her younger sister in The Wedding Date?

    Gold Circle Films
  8. 8. Who is Kat's former fiancé?

  9. 9. What is the clique that 13-year-old Jenna wants to get in with called in 13 Going on 30?

    Columbia Pictures
  10. 10. Which magazine does 30-year-old Jenna work at?

  11. 11. Where is Margaret threatened with being deported to in The Proposal?

    Touchstone Pictures
  12. 12. Where do Andrew's family live?

  13. 13. How many potential fathers does Sophie invite to her wedding in Mamma Mia!?

    Universal Pictures
  14. 14. Why do Sophie and Sky postpone their wedding?

  15. 15. How does Lucy lose her memory in 50 First Dates?

    Columbia Pictures
  16. 16. What is Henry and Lucy's song?

  17. 17. How does Juliet find out her husband's best man, Mark, is in love with her in Love Actually?

    Universal Pictures
  18. 18. Who does Karen's daughter play in her school nativity play?

  19. 19. What brand is the coat that Marisa finds in a hotel room and tries on in Maid in Manhattan?

    Columbia Pictures
  20. 20. Which hotel does she work in?

  21. 21. What is the name of Violet's song in Coyote Ugly?

    Touchstone Pictures
  22. 22. What job does Violet leave in New Jersey?

  23. 23. Which of these is one of Charlie's jobs in Monster-in-Law?

    New Line Cinema
  24. 24. How does Viola try to stop Charlie marrying her son?

  25. 25. What TV show do Will and Marcus watch together in About a Boy?

    Universal Pictures
  26. 26. Which song does Marcus perform for his mum at the school talent show?

  27. 27. Where does Tom work in 500 Days of Summer?

    Fox Searchlight Pictures
  28. 28. Who does Tom meet after Summer breaks up with him?

  29. 29. Which M&Ms are Mary's favourite in The Wedding Planner?

    Fox Searchlight Pictures
  30. 30. What is Steve's job?

  31. 31. Who is the rising star that has-been Alex attaches himself to in order to revive is career in Music and Lyrics?

    Warner Bros. Pictures
  32. 32. What is the name of the song that Sophie and Alex write together?

  33. 33. What is Hitch's job?

    Columbia Pictures
  34. 34. And what does he pretend to be?

  35. 35. How do Harry and Erica meet?

    Warner Bros.
  36. 36. Where does Harry fly to in order to win Erica back?

  37. 37. Which of Shakespeare's plays is Get Over It based on?

    Miramax Films
  38. 38. How does Berke realise he loves Kelly?

  39. 39. What does Andie name Ben's penis in about in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?

    Paramount Pictures
  40. 40. What is the magazine that Andie works at called?

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