The Definitive Ranking Of Supermarkets, From Worst To Best

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15. Nisa.

imagesofgb4u / Flickr: images_of_gb_4_u

Unless you're into bulk buying frozen meat, and you have a particularly strong aversion to nutrients, avoid Nisa like the plague. Besides, its fresh stuff tastes like watery mud. Ew.

14. Iceland.

Graham Soult / Flickr: 26177717@N08

Contrary to what Kerry Katona wants you to believe, anywhere that sells a frozen 75 piece Indian platter for £4 ought to be avoided at all costs. In fact, anywhere where a cheese and onion quiche is entirely indistinguishable from a chocolate marble cheesecake ought never to be entered.

13. Budgens.

Veronica / Flickr: vansgirl12

OK so Budgens isn't the worst place in the world. But its name makes it sound like it's a budget store when it's not. And even if it is named after its founder, it seems a little deceitful.

12. Costcutter.

ndl642m / Flickr: 30581663@N05

If you need to purchase an industrial sized bottle of Glen's Vodka and some luke warm, semi-separated fruit juice to mix it with, Costcutter will suffice. It's not glam, but it's functional.

11. Spar.

Dogfael / Flickr: dogfael

Often attached to motorway service stations, Spar is always unreasonably warm. While buying one of its air-tight, packaged sandwiches is probably the worst thing you could ever do, some of them have those instant Costa coffee machines in them. And they're jazzy.

9. Londis.

Kake Pugh / Flickr: kake_pugh

A mixed bag. About half of them don't have windows and compensate by being so aggressively air-conditioned that you need to wear snow boots and a bear skin hat to enter them. But the other 50% have a cheerful village shop vibe and are filled with friendly staff. Ever a gamble.

8. Tesco.

David Rankin / Flickr: photogold

You can't go wrong with Tesco. Unless you eat one of its potato salads, which are inexplicably made with glue and vinegar instead of sour cream and mayonnaise. Gross.

6. The Co-Operative.

Kake Pugh / Flickr: kake_pugh

OK so its loyalty card makes no sense whatsoever, but its fruit and veg is probably the best around. And its bakery sells a walnut and coffee cake that'll rival your nan's.

4. Aldi.

Brandon King / Flickr: bking

Aldi's wines are cheap and not gross. And its cheeses are yummy. But the best thing about Aldi is that its website has a cocktail section which gives you a recipe for something called "The Aldiki".

1. Lidl.

Terry King / Flickr: europafoto

The land of dreams. How could a place that sells pneumatic staplers, whey protein and 29p corn on the cobs in the same aisle not be a clear winner? Lidl, we salute you.