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The Definitive Ranking Of Supermarkets, From Worst To Best

This is important stuff.

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14. Iceland.

Graham Soult / Flickr: 26177717@N08

Contrary to what Kerry Katona wants you to believe, anywhere that sells a frozen 75 piece Indian platter for £4 ought to be avoided at all costs. In fact, anywhere where a cheese and onion quiche is entirely indistinguishable from a chocolate marble cheesecake ought never to be entered.


13. Budgens.

Veronica / Flickr: vansgirl12

OK so Budgens isn't the worst place in the world. But its name makes it sound like it's a budget store when it's not. And even if it is named after its founder, it seems a little deceitful.

12. Costcutter.

ndl642m / Flickr: 30581663@N05

If you need to purchase an industrial sized bottle of Glen's Vodka and some luke warm, semi-separated fruit juice to mix it with, Costcutter will suffice. It's not glam, but it's functional.

11. Spar.

Dogfael / Flickr: dogfael

Often attached to motorway service stations, Spar is always unreasonably warm. While buying one of its air-tight, packaged sandwiches is probably the worst thing you could ever do, some of them have those instant Costa coffee machines in them. And they're jazzy.

9. Londis.

Kake Pugh / Flickr: kake_pugh

A mixed bag. About half of them don't have windows and compensate by being so aggressively air-conditioned that you need to wear snow boots and a bear skin hat to enter them. But the other 50% have a cheerful village shop vibe and are filled with friendly staff. Ever a gamble.