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    36 Amazing Drunk Food Places In Uni Towns Across The UK

    Lots of cheesy chips, pizza, and kebabs.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best uni drunk food places in the UK – and they answered. Here are the best places to drunk eat, according to you guys.

    Young Money

    1. Goodbody's, Plymouth University

    2. Gardies, University of Cambridge

    3. Balti King, University of Sheffield

    4. Barbeque King, University of Glasgow

    5. Prima, University of Hull

    "The greasiest, most loaded pizzas on the planet. You'll actually get heart palpitations in the night."

    —Gary Herrington, Facebook

    6. Vialli's, University of Warwick

    Facebook: Viallis

    "All Warwick university students know this so well. The onion rings are actually to die for."

    —Christine Wong, Facebook

    7. Jake's Café, Plymouth University

    8. Broomhill Friery, University of Sheffield

    Twitter: @Broomhill_Beany

    —Lucy Emily Grant, Facebook

    9. Sarry's, University of Derby

    10. Munch, Keele University

    "Munch in the SU for their curly fries with cheese. Or if you're weird like my friend, cheese and gravy: Anything goes when drunk!"

    —Jenni Kelsey, Facebook

    11. Al Falafel, University of Bath

    12. Dervish, University of St Andrews

    13. Poppadom Palace, The University of Central Lancashire

    "If you are there at the end of the night they give you free food. My order is always popcorn chicken."


    14. Charlie's, Buckinghamshire New University

    15. Trailer of Life, University of Cambridge

    16. Van of Death, University of Cambridge

    Twitter: @JagexAsh

    "Obviously Van of Death. Ignore the people who say Van of Life. They are wrong."

    Tom Phillips

    17. Uni Grill, University of Reading

    Twitter: @poppyannabel

    "People will add an extra 10 minutes to their drunk journey home just for some cheesy chips! My personal order is the number 3: Chicken fillet burger and chips (always with extra cheese), and a can of Diet Coke. Taking it home to eat in bed is the perfect end to the night."


    18. Hassan's, University of Oxford

    19. Pit Stop, University of Birmingham

    Facebook: Pit-Stop

    "Quick service, and great music. Party after the club here with a kebab."


    20. Pizza King, Durham University

    21. Oki's, University of York

    "I'm almost 100% sure their chicken burgers only seem so amazing because I'm always wasted when I get them, but shhhh don't spoil the magic."


    22. Raj India, University of Exeter

    23. 727, University of Glasgow

    24. Marco's, Aberystwyth University

    25. Ahmed's, University of Oxford

    Facebook: AhmedsKebabs

    —Corinne Tomsett, Facebook

    26. Patrick's Pizza, Durham University

    27. Wasim Shahi Kebab House, Staffordshire University

    "Value box of chicken, donner meat, chips, and salad (if you want, which you probably don't). We bumped into the owners on a night out once and they phoned our order through for us."


    28. Jason Donervan, Bristol University

    29. Tariq Manzil’s, University of Southampton

    30. Chicken Yum Yum, Glyndŵr University

    Facebook: Chicken

    "They do chicken nuggets covered in cheese and gravy, and chicken burgers that are out of this world. It's the place to be!"


    31. Bar Napoli, The University of Edinburgh

    32. Proper Roast, University of Sunderland

    33. Stantons Fish & Chips, Durham University

    "They do the best cheesy chips, the best battered sausage, and the best kebab bun and chips."

    Flo Perry

    34. Luckys, University of Leeds

    35. Dorothy's, Cardiff University

    36. Il Padrino, University of Manchester

    Did we miss your uni town? Or is there a better place we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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