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Oct 26, 2016

The "Bake Off" Contestants Just Went Out For Dinner And It Was Wonderful

They've formed friendships for life.

Everyone who watches Bake Off knows that this year has been all about the friendships between the bakers.

They've consistently supported each other both inside the tent...

Love Productions / BBC

...and outside the tent.

From London to Somerset!ROAD TRIP? Seeing my favourite pensioner in Wells. 😉 🏍 perfect excuse and weather to get on…

Valasi is the purest friendship of them all.

So it will come as no surprise to anyone that last night, the night before the final, the bakers came together for one last dinner.

So I am spending my evening having dinner with the #gbbo 2016 family. Love them all!!!

Rav called them his family!

The whole gang were out in force.

Twitter: @Tom_gilliford

Benjamina and Selasi couldn't make it, but they tweeted to say they wished they could have been there.

It was an evening of joy...



@cakesmyth @LouBaraDa @Tom_gilliford @RavSBansal we look like staff all dressed in black. I don't mind if they want…

...and lots of blurry selfies.

Most of the selfies were taken by Rav.

Twitter: @RavSBansal

Isn't it weird to think that they all know who won?? 👀

Sweet, lovely Rav.

Twitter: @RavSBansal

Look at Jane's new hair!

Obviously, Val tweeted the sweetest message of all time.

Having dinner with friends it is so natural and lovely to sit here and listen into their laughter and chatter

"So natural!"

And it didn't end there! The next morning, they all went out for breakfast together.

Twitter: @katebarmby

My heart can't take this.

Bake Off finalists, it's been emotional.

Great pre-final night with the #gbbo crew, genuinely such a kind, hilarious bunch 🙌🏻

But you guys will be friends for life.

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