The A-Z Of Being Posh, As Told By "Made In Chelsea"

    Ready to pardy?

    A is for... Art.

    Posh people <3 paintings of their own faces. They really like paintings of their faces merged with their flatmates' faces (see left: Jamie-Proudlock-Francis) and they really, really like paintings of themselves holding globes (see right: Francis holding a globe).

    B is for... Bitching.

    C is for... Cheating.

    D is for... Dogs.

    Every red chino / wide-necked t-shirt with a meaningless slogan on the front of it / Ralph Lauren jumper tied around your shoulders combination is incomplete without a dog on your arm.

    E is for... Excellent fitness regimes.

    F is for... Friendship.

    G is for... Getting up in grills.

    H is for... Hot tub.

    I is for... Invitation.

    J is for... Jenius!

    Oh, Jamie.

    K is for... Kilt.

    L is for... Lingo.

    M is for... Mum.

    N is for.. Nostrils.

    O is for... "Oh wow, you look amazing (read: you look so ugly)."

    P is for... PDA.

    Q is for... Quiet.

    Among the well-heeled, silence is golden. Awkward silences happen, on average, every three minutes. So learn to love 'em.

    R is for... Rainbow hair.

    A little known fact about Chelsea's residents is that they sometimes leave (that's right, leave) Chelsea. Some of them even make it as far as Dalston, where they dip dye their hair to within an inch of its life.

    S is for... So much sex.

    T is for... Throwing drinks.

    U is for... Ugly.

    V is for... Very, very drunk.

    W is for... Whoops!

    X is for... X-rated.

    Y is for... Yachting (and other posh sports).

    Z is for... Zoo (petting).