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The 37 Most '00s Things That Have Ever Happened

Featuring so much crimped hair, lots of chunky highlights and a truly excellent puffa jacket.

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1. Lizzie McGuire talking about taking a chill pill while wearing a beaded choker and 150 mini hair clips.

2. Christina Aguilera dancing with her hand on her head in a crop top and fur-lined orange puffa jacket.

Matthew Stockman / Getty

3. Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint becoming BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.


4. These Sims getting ready to WooHoo.

5. Nadine, Kimberley, Cheryl and Sarah signing Girls Aloud posters, while sporting corn rows and straightened side fringes.

John Li / Getty

6. Lauren Conrad using curling tongs and wearing baby pink eye shadow and an entire tube of lip gloss.

7. Anastacia pairing a leather gypsy skirt with red sunny gs and a push up bra.

Sion Touhig / Getty

8. Denise Van Outen getting starstruck by Gareth Gates and his 2-1-2 formation.

Marsaili McGrath / Getty

9. Geri Halliwell wearing a G-string, leg warmers and crop top tracksuit to The Ivy.


10. Myleene Klass playing the piano in a diamante halter neck and satin flares.

Steve Finn / Getty

11. Cassie from Skins smiling with crimped hair.

12. VB wearing a cap and David wearing an "I kiss football" sweater.

Aura / Getty

13. S Club 7's Tina turning up to the "Seeing Double" premiere basically naked.


14. Marissa from The O/C.'s "Mallpisode" realisation that she belongs with Ryan.

15. Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Grant forming a bromance that will last a lifetime.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty

16. Justin Timberlake and the Black Eyed Peas throwing some serious finger shapes, dressed almost entirely in red and white.

Frank Micelotta / Getty

17. Big Brovaz saying no to conformity by wearing every colour that exists.

Steve Finn / Getty

18. Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton wearing a lot of eye liner and hair extensions, giving themselves an A+.

19. Shannon from Footballer's Wives, Kirsty Gallacher, Kate Thornton and Davina McCall launching Sport Relief in customised tees.

Chris Jackson / Getty

20. Britney Spears wearing a floor length, glittery, fur-lined denim jacket with no top underneath.

Frank Micelotta / Getty

21. Chantelle Houghton winning Celebrity Big Brother in a River Island mini dress.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty

22. MySpace Tom hanging out on MySpace.

23. Nick Lachey gushing about Jessica Simpson.

24. Miley Cyrus, not twerking.

Marsaili McGrath / Getty

25. Mandy Moore warning Shane West not to fall in love with her, but him doing it anyway.

26. Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney cheering on their hubbies in vest tops and hot pants.

Ross Kinnaird / Getty

27. Sheridan Smith tying all of her hair, except one strand on each side of her face, in a denim scrunchie.

28. Alex from Kerching wearing a canary yellow hair piece.

29. Miss Teeq wearing not-quite-but-nearly identical orange sarongs over their underwear.

Anthony Harvey / Getty

30. Peyton and Lucas making out in the locker area of Tree Hill High School.

31. Heidi from the Sugababes wearing a silk halterneck and hoop earrings.

John Li / Getty

32. Tibby realising that she's been running away from her feelings, with chunky blue highlights and a moody tee.

33. Aiden buying Carrie a Macbook that looks like a handbag.

34. Mary-Kate quoting Avril Lavigne.

35. Mel from My Parents Are Aliens rebelling by highlighting her hair, piercing her nose and wearing a green, shredded poncho.

36. Kerry Katona wearing a turtleneck and celebrating her I'm A Celebrity...! win with a jungle themed cake.


37. And finally, Craig David looking moody in a beanie, sporting a perfectly manicured beard.