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23 Struggles That Were Too Real For '00s Kids

They were tough times.

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1. Whenever you generously offered your Hubba Bubba tape to a friend, and they took a massive bite out of it before giving it back.

Which basically meant the whole thing was ruined, because what's the point of tape if it's broken?

3. Getting your Baby G confiscated because it went off in class, and having to collect it at the end of the school day.

Why didn't your teachers understand that there was no point in having a watch if it didn't beep on the hour, every hour?


5. Learning how to compose a new ringtone on your Nokia 3310 and then having to patiently teach every single one of your friends how to do it.


12. Putting your Tammy Girl top through a hot wash and having to prize apart the sticky plastic bit that got stuck together.

Then having to explain to your mum why it was really important that you had a top that stated you were a babe with attitude.


15. When you found out who died in the newest Harry Potter book before you got there.

Even if you managed to avoid hearing it on the radio, or seeing it the newspaper, you always had one friend who'd read it really fast and ruined the surprise.