23 Struggles That Were Too Real For '00s Kids

    They were tough times.

    1. Whenever you generously offered your Hubba Bubba tape to a friend, and they took a massive bite out of it before giving it back.

    2. When you reached out for a Party Ring but some kid had dripped their soggy hands all over them, so the icing had started to disintegrate.

    3. Getting your Baby G confiscated because it went off in class, and having to collect it at the end of the school day.

    4. When the Tipp-Ex strip inside your mouse stopped sticking to the paper but you'd rolled it too far to fix it.

    5. Learning how to compose a new ringtone on your Nokia 3310 and then having to patiently teach every single one of your friends how to do it.

    6. Having to ask your friend's parents if they were around when you called up their landline.

    7. Losing one of the tiny leads from your pencil and never being able to write again.

    8. Having your ears turn green because you wore cheap Claire's earrings.

    9. Carrying your P.E. kit to school in a Jane Norman plastic bag, until one of the handles snapped.

    10. Getting fountain pen on your fingertips and then having to erase it with a corrector pen.

    11. Making the lead on your mechanical pencil so long it snapped.

    12. Putting your Tammy Girl top through a hot wash and having to prize apart the sticky plastic bit that got stuck together.

    13. Accidentally downloading the wrong copy of a song on LimeWire.

    14. Spending ages creating an absolute work of art like this, only to have two shapes next to each other in the same colour.

    15. When you found out who died in the newest Harry Potter book before you got there.

    16. Putting your crush's name into Love Calculator and getting a low score.

    17. Having your holiday hair wrap fall out before the school term began.

    18. Not being able to find the perfect ClipArt to illustrate your poster with.

    19. Making your best friend your top MySpace friend and not having the gesture reciprocated.

    20. Sucking your rainbow dust straw instead of pouring the sherbet into your mouth, so the end went all gooey and it all got stuck together.

    21. When you promised your friend one of your alien babies, but none of them hatched.

    22. Every time you got to the end of your pack of Iced Gems and all you were left with was the bases.

    23. And of course, having to sign off MSN Messenger because your mum wanted to use the phone.