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26 Heart-Breaking Situations You'll Experience When Your Sister Moves Far Away

Skype date?

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1. Being separated from the one person who understands you better than anybody else.

2. Seeing something you know would make her laugh and not being able to text her immediately.

3. Having to Facebook stalk each other to keep up to date.

4. Having to hack into each other's accounts to stalk each other's friends.


5. Feeling incredibly envious when you see all the fun she's having with all her new friends.

6. And feeling really weird when you don't recognise anyone in her pictures.

7. Scrolling through photos of her face just because you miss her so much.

8. Not being able to call her whenever you want.

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9. Especially when you need to bitch about a boy.

10. Feeling helpless when she's sad or ill, because you're too far away to help.

11. Not being able to invite her to events you know she'd love.

12. Staying up late to Skype because of the time difference between you.


13. And then Skype not working.

14. Sending overly emotional emails to each other because it's hard being apart.

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15. Not being able to go home for a hug when you really need one.

16. And not having her there when you go home to visit your parents.


17. Struggling to explain to your friends just how much you miss her.

18. And feeling incredibly jealous when they get to hang out with their siblings.

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19. Almost crying when you think about missing her birthday.

20. Not being able to imagine Christmas without her.


21. Never getting instant responses to your WhatsApps because she's out of service.

22. Having to watch movies in sync, over Skype, which is incredibly difficult to coordinate.

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23. Actually exploding when you get to see her again.

24. But then hurting just as much as the first time when you have to say goodbye.

25. Immediately booking flights to go see her again.

26. And knowing how much fun you'll have when you live near each other again.