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    19 Struggles You'll Only Understand If Your Parents Have Facebook

    Oh. So. Cringe.

    1. They like to be kept in the loop.

    2. They'll never know what LOL stands for.

    3. Or stop signing everything like it's a letter.

    4. Or understand the difference between their wall and their News Feed.


    6. But even when they try to learn more, you get embarrassed.

    7. Nothing brings them greater happiness than showing the world your baby photos.

    8. Really, they just want to make sure you'll always be OK.

    9. When it comes to dating, they always have your best interests at heart.

    10. And they'll always forgive your mistakes.

    11. Except when you don't do your chores.

    12. They love reminding you of where you come from.

    13. Except when they forget you.

    14. They really like everything you do.

    15. They can be partial to a cheeky frape.

    16. And although they love you very much, they can't be expected to remember everything.

    17. And they'll always have certain gaps in their knowledge.

    18. But, if they don't know something, they can always Google the answer.

    19. But even though they can be cringe, parents on Facebook are the best.