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    19 Struggles Only Former Teenage Fake Tanners Know

    Johnson's Holiday Skin for life.

    1. Your first experience of fake tan probably came from a bottle of Johnson's Holiday Skin or Garnier Summer Body.

    You either sneaked into your mum's weekly Sainsbury's shop or bought it yourself from Boots in your lunch break.

    2. And then, as you got older and fancier, you graduated to a bottle of St Tropez.

    You probably used the cream and then topped up your legs with the spray-on stuff.

    3. To avoid streakiness, you invested in a 99p tanning mitt from Superdrug.

    4. If you ever tried tanning without a mitt, you spent hours scrubbing your hands afterwards in an effort to make them slightly less orange.

    5. And it was always especially bad between your fingers.

    6. You soon learnt that it's almost impossible to tan your legs without making them unbearably streaky.

    Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

    Even when you remembered to use your mitt, you somehow managed to do a messy job of it.

    7. And your wrists were always a problem area.

    β€œ@ToonLassProbs: β€œ@EmmaLaurenKidd: @ToonLassProbs #patchiness #faketanproblems @Abbi_Johnston #namedandshamed ”” Dick.

    No matter how well you exfoliated before, and no matter how thoroughly you moisturised after, you always ended up with patchy wrists.

    8. But nothing was as bad as that irritating little white blob that always formed behind your elbows and your knees.

    Hate when this happens 😐 #faketanproblems

    9. You never quite mastered the art of not having a massive white line at least somewhere on your body.

    Warner Bros.

    It was usually on your neck or just under your hairline.

    10. You were forever getting in trouble for staining your bed sheets.

    Guess what side I sleep on #faketanprobs

    Not to mention the fact that fake tan on bedsheets smells like a combination of digestive biscuits and wee.

    11. And ruining all the nice towels.

    this is why I shouldn't buy white towels! #FakeTanProblems πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

    No matter how many times your mum put them through the wash, they never looked the same after you smeared your tan over them.

    12. At some point in your life, you've had to ask a sibling or friend to fake tan your back.


    It's not your fault there are bits you can't reach.

    13. If you were a really serious tanner, you might have had a spray tan for a special occasion.


    Which was actually quite embarrassing because you had to wear paper pants and no bra while a total stranger sprayed every inch of your body in orange.

    14. And the first time you had a shower after your spray tan, it looked like you'd killed someone in there.

    Your parents were convinced you'd ruined their bathroom forever.

    15. Of course, having a bath wasn't much better.

    16. Any true tanner knows that you absolutely cannot cry immediately after tanning.

    17. And you're probably best avoiding the rain as well.

    18. As soon as you stopped topping it up and allowed your tan to start fading away, your skin reached whole new levels of blotchy.

    19. But you didn't mind. You know that orange and streaky > pale.

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