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19 Problems Teenagers Who Over-Straightened Their Hair Had

Fight the frizz.

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1. You didn't feel right unless you'd straightened your hair.


So if you didn't have time, you just scrunched it up on top of your head and avoided everyone you knew until you had a chance to sort it out.

3. You were constantly getting in trouble with your parents for burning surfaces in your house.

Only girls would understand. #StraightenerProblems

4. And no matter how many times you were told, you never learned.

You have to put them down, OK?!


10. And if you were into straightening before Babyliss 3-in-1s existed, you may have gone to even more extreme measures.

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Preventing kinks of any kind was your aim, no matter what the method.

11. You can't even begin to count how many times you burned your fingers on your straighteners.

my finger hurts :( #straightenerproblems

And those blisters hurt.

12. But the wrist burns were even worse.

You did this at least once a week.


13. But nothing was as bad, or as embarrassing, as burning your neck.

I keep getting asked if I got a hickey. Lmfao #straightenerprobs

It was the most painful, and you got teased relentlessly at school.